How to articles

How to articles

The online gambling industry can look tricky and somewhat daunting to a new player, so we took upon us a mission to break it down and make it look simple. Our collection of “how to” articles covers the whole deal from starting up your account to playing and winning on any game which may be offered in the online establishments. Of course, the most detailed information will be provided about slots, since this is what the website is mostly about, but we also provide manuals for all the other applications available on the market. Our tips and tricks will be useful to even the most seasoned of gamblers – uncover the hidden features you didn’t even suspect existed! And the newbies – we’ll make sure you feel at home in any casino!

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5 Things You Must Know About Slots

Time to Know More about the Slot Machines It is a dream of every person to know everything about the slot machines in order to get the greatest profit that you could ever imagine. Wheels of fortune are the best way for you to get the greatest profit of your ... read more


Slot tournaments: how and where to play

Slot Tournaments It is a well-known fact that today fruit machines are one of the most popular types of gaming. Actually, slots are as popular as poker. Not long ago online poker tournaments used to be the best way to interact with other gamblers via the net. However, things have ... read more


How To Play Slots To Win: Advice From The Pros

Learn To Win, To Lose And To Budget Your Money Slots are fun, and there seems to be nothing complicated about them, but experience and knowledge of their types and rules is an important factor in the outcome of your gambling session. There is no strategy that will raise your ... read more


Slots terminology

Tips and Recommendations Have you ever had the desire to find out more about the terminology that is used in the gambling world? Here are some keys so you could have the better understanding of what is gambling and what are its major notions. For instance, the bonus feature can ... read more

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Slots tips: top know-hows for beginners

The Ups And Downs Of Fruit Machine Games Slots are often considered to be the easiest casino games to play. Many people think that since slot games don’t require any specific skills, experience and strategy, they are as primitive as feeding your money into the machine, pulling the handle or ... read more