Skywind Casinos 2023

Skywind Group is a provider of digital entertainment, whose services cover everything for mobile and desktop, both online and off-line. Not only do they offer a wide range of slot machines and games, but they also service the platforms and offer back-end management systems, as well as everything required to operate them, thus offering all of this to several operators. Here you can read more about the provider, which has created such a great reputation over the last six years.

Solid foundation

The company was founded in 2012 by Teddy Sagi, owner and also owner of the majority stake in iGaming giant Playtech. With such a capability, it’s not surprising that Skywind is slowly and surely becoming a big name in the industry – thanks in part to its team of highly experienced developers.

The company is based on the Isle of Man, and also has development centers around the world, in countries such as Australia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Latvia, Belarus and the Philippines. The team consists of over 500 specialists, all working in Skywaind’s global network, to deliver the steady stream of games and services every single month.

Games from Skywind Group

Skywind has produced an impressive range of slot games with over 30 different titles, with different themes and gaming experiences, and with something for everyone. Their game has in common that they all without a doubt and without exception have a really good and detailed graphics, a creative design and innovative features that maintain the interest of players. Especially the graphics they deliver are impressive, with bright, delicious colors and eye-catching designs.

You will see fantasy-themed games, slot games inspired by the traditional slot machines with fruit symbols, video slot games with themes set in the Far East, ancient Egypt and classical Greece, as well as themes where animals or fairy tales plays the lead role. Skywind Group’s portfolio is extensive. Skywind may not be the most well-known name in the gaming industry, but it’s mainly because most of their games run on Playtech software and run from Playtech’s platform, so you will not see or notice their name on all the games that come from their hand.

The best Games from the Skywind Group are sollowing:

  • Top Cup Day
  • 9 Pandas on Top
  • Downton Abbey
  • Aztec respin
  • Gem King

Skywind video slots differ from all the rest

Skywind has a portfolio of a considerable number of video slot games, but they do not stop there! They have also released a number of games that are completely different from what you usually see in video slot games. Most of their video slot games follow the 5-reel format, but occasionally they switch things around and come up with something completely new.

For example, an arcade game like Fu Fish lets the player’s abilities and judgment matter, so games like these become very interactive and radically different from what video slot players are used to. This game, along with others like it, involves far more abilities, decisions and even shooting skills!

The games provide a fun gaming experience and lots of action, and it’s obviously a big plus for Skywind to have games like these in their catalog. This serves as an example of one of the many ways in which this company makes sure that they cater to accommodate very different types of players, with different preferences and desires.

More than just games

In addition to the many slot games, video slot games and arcade games, Skywind Group has expanded the range even more: Among other things, they are behind a number of software that service the operators. One of the largest projects is the so-called Global Management System (GMS), which is a system designed to cover any management need an operator may have.

It is, in fact, a comprehensive range of services where operators can choose to take advantage of all or part of the full GMS package. The range of services includes everything from payment gateways, systems for managing partnerships, a Content Management System, as well as a ‘learning’ platform ‘which can gather information about players’ activities and habits.

Skywind Group is also behind the gaming platform Falcon. This is a gaming platform that can be easily integrated into existing systems, with the ability to incorporate a multi-channel Jackpot network, as well as a software interface that allows operators to combine applications with either GMS or any other management tool.

A company that is 100% compatible with retail-led

All products and services offered by Skywind Group are available for retail-led and land-based casinos. It is truly a company that is well integrated in the iGaming industry, with its wide range of services that meet the needs of large operators both online and offline.

Thanks to the comprehensive suite of software interface and development tools, Skyware Group’s products can be connected to any terminal service, offering integration with QR readers, barcode readers, configuration, physical checkout terminal support and more.

Revolutionary Virtual Study

The list of skywinds products and services is already long and it just seems to get even longer. It is therefore not difficult to see why they are an extremely valuable supplier and partner for any major operator.

Another great product from the company is their unique ‘do-it-yourself’ Virtual Studio, which allows any operator to produce high quality games themselves, within a few weeks and with a fully finished product in HTML5, which is responsive and fully compatible with all platforms. With their own platform Falcon, it’s easy to get it up and running and the operator can instantly engage its players further with this product.

Bright future for Skywind Group

There are many reasons why this software provider will continue to grow and become even more successful. Their game portfolio alone contains over 30 titles of the highest quality and with a good variety.

In addition to this success as a game developer, their great popularity is due to the ability to also provide bespoke software and distribution solutions that make it optimal for operators to present the games. This is how Skywind Group has established itself as a trusted name, both among gaming operators and players.

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