Biggest Wins on Slots With Progressive Jackpot

Nothing beats the experience of trying your luck on a progressive slot and eventually ending up winning it. I mean have you seen how big those jackpots are? Some go up to 100 million euros. Of course, some people don’t believe you can actually win that kind of money, which is why I have some proof to share with you guys today. After reading this, you will realize that it is actually possible to land an opportunity of hitting the jackpot. I tell you what; these progressive jackpots will make that little dream you have of you sipping tequila in the Bahamas while watching a beautiful sunset on the beach will actually come true!

progressive jackpots

What Is a Progressive Jackpot?

To understand this better, let’s start with the definition of progressive jackpot slots. Okay, progressive slots are simply a bunch of slots tied up together with a big jackpot that can only be claimed by a player who hits the right symbol combinations or awarded at random. So, the progressive jackpot is the total amount of prize money stashed together to be won at once by the lucky.

Most Played Slots with Huge Progressive Jackpots

If you have made up your mind about going for that Mulla, below is a list of all-time slots ever played you can try.

Mega Moolah

It is a fantastic 25-payline, 5-real progressive slot famous for turning people to millionaires. What makes this particular slot even more interesting is that fact that you don’t have to align specific symbols to launch bonuses. The jackpot is triggered at random!

Mega Fortune

This is also another slot that offers players the most desired type of jackpot across the online gaming business. It also personifies high roller lifestyle since it has symbols like yachts, limos, diamonds, and gold making it more attractive for players with the biggest of dreams.

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights has been around for a very long time which means that it also has a huge player count. Honestly, it is a very entertaining game with awe-inspiring graphics that take you through a super immersive journey with a potential to strike gold!

Software Developers

When it comes to casino software developers responsible for creating these progressive slots, there are a couple of names with the most prominent reputation. They are:

This developer is well known for crafting high-quality slot games with cutting-edge graphics for maximum entertainment. It is responsible for creating progressive heavy hitters such as Arabian Slots and Mega Fortunes.

It is one of the oldest software providers, and it’s known as the pioneer of online casinos. Microgaming is the truest definition of old is indeed gold. Take Mega Moolah, for instance; it has numerous life-changing jackpots waiting for you coming in three different sizes. What are you waiting for? Go get them!

While not as popular as Microgaming and Net Entertainment, Blueprint gaming is also another developer creating a wide range of different slot games including progressives as well. Next time you think of playing jackpot slots, don’t forget to consider their very own Buffalo Rising and Spinal Trap progressive slots.

Biggest Jackpot Wins in History

Hey, are you still looking for a proof of whether progressive slots can change your life? Okay, I’ve got your proof. Below are the unbelievable wins in the history of online gambling.

$4,800,000 Arabian Nights Win
In March 2010, the biggest win on Arabian Nights slot game, €4.8 million won by Peter from Norway at Betsson Casino. At that time, it was the the largest single casino win ever paid out by Betsson!

$13,470,000 Mega Fortune Win
In September 2011, an anonymous Norwegian played at Betsson Casino and won at Mega Fortune Slot $13.47 million and struck the former Guinness World Record

$24,000,000 Mega Fortune Win
In January 2013, an anonymous Finnish player won the highest online casino progressive jackpot of $24 million on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Slot

$17,200,000 Mega Moolah Win
In October 2015, Jonathan Heywood a british soldier, struck a $17.2 million win on Mega Moolah Slot at Betway Casino

$21,977,013 Mega Moolah Mobile (New World Record)
In September 2018, a player, who wished to remain anonymous, won the jackpot with a 75 cent bet on an Android mobile device

Now you see, everything is possible guys! This can be you because these victorious winners are just regular people like you and me, they aren’t aliens who have some special powers! Why don’t you get on that progressive slot machine and try your luck today! Oh, and after you have landed that jackpot money is, always check the rules of withdrawals in a casino or the game you’re playing to enable you to make swift withdrawals at any moment, especially when you land the big bucks!

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