Eat your betting money but don’t bet your eating money

The idea behind this legendary horse racing proverb is pretty simple – it is okay to spend the money you have won from gambling but don’t you dare take the money you need for basic needs and use for gambling. Keep this famous quote in mind, or you will get burned!
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Looking at it from another perspective, gambling is not at all bad. I mean, some people are continuously earning some substantial cash from it. I have also seen situations where gambling has wholly transformed people’s lives, and now they are probably living the life of their dreams. Ever heard of professional gamblers? Even so, those are exceptionally trained gamers and thus, the rest of us better stick to doing it for fun, with the range of choices I have for you here. If you’re lucky, you will enjoy some remarkable payouts.

Slot Collection

Each time you are planning on playing slots, Slotozilla will never fail you buddy! I only have slots with great gameplay. Slotozilla’s top choices that can earn you some good money as you have fun include:

Fruit Spin

fruit spin

If you are looking for a real experience of a fruit machine with immersive fruit themed graphics, the Fruit Spin slot is the best option for you. Be prepared to be amazed by its latest gamification features and bonus features like wilds, scatters and stacked symbols.

Amigos Fiesta


Ready for some jolly good fiesta fun? Well, it’s always celebration time in Amigos Fiesta. The extra juicy entertainment comes to you with five reels, three rows, and 253 paylines! Look, there are 253 ways of winning – isn’t it a potential gold mine? You’ll also love an exclusive feature named “Heat Meter”. Burning burrito and fajitas, tequila and chili peppers accompanied by mariachi melodies are waiting for you!

Ozwin’s Jackpots

ozwin’s jackpots

With Ozwin’s Jackpot slot, you are thrown into full throttle to “Jackpot Island”. In this game, you will come across some of the most amazing jackpots and bonus features. Great slots game with mystical music and exciting gameplay! Give it a try, and you’ll thank me later!

Hunting Treasure Deluxe

Hunting Treasure Deluxe

If you love being “Captain Cook” who enjoys hunting treasures under the ocean floor, then this is your game. There are some pretty impressive features that can significantly increase your chances of winning including free spins, multipliers and bonus icons.



For all Drake fans… I’m just joking – this slot game have nothing similar with famous singer except the name of his world famous hit. But, this is a special dedication from Slotozilla. If you remember GTA Vice City game or you love California lifestyle – “Hotline” slot is just what you need! It is loaded with in-game perks that promise huge wins as long as you land on the right symbol combinations.

Parting Shot

Gambling is a game of chance which means things can get crazy really quickly. I bet you have heard of many people paying the price pretty painfully. There are instances where some people gambled away all their life savings, including the house they lived in and were left homeless.
You get the picture, right? Ooooooh and don’t even think for one second that you are an exception because you are ‘special’ somehow. No! all it takes is a few wrong moves and you are done! If you want to make sure you don’t get to this point, you have to bet only what you can afford. If you do this, never in your life will things escalate to an alarming level.
#begambleaware #playsafely.

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