Five Casino Myths That Stop Future Players

Hello, deaaaargh!

A lot of people who are interested in gambling quit fast or even don’t try to play any games with real money. I tried to find out what are the main fears and what kind of myths goes around gambling?

So, here’re the results of my research. I picked them out into the five main myths and prepared my comments for each of them.

Hope, this information will be useful for new players!

1. Online casinos are not safe.


Factors such as the fear of the unknown and a general distrust to the Internet gave rise to this myth. It is impossible to deny the fact that online transaction systems and websites are periodically subjected to hacker attacks. Online casinos are aware of this, but it is important for them to ensure the maximum security of any operations. Thus, your personal information, deposit data, bank account status and withdrawal history are strictly guarded by the casino and are inaccessible to individuals from the outside. Therefore, playing online is completely safe.

2. The outcomes of the games are falsified so that the casino gains an advantage.


Some people don’t trust casinos, because they think that casinos are programmed to have a significant advantage and they are doomed to lose. Perhaps this is the biggest misconception in the gambling world. In fact, casinos are doing their best to show that their games are really fair. An algorithm called a random number generator is built into all games, which makes them random, that’s why, the outcome of each round of the spin and the whole game is an absolutely unbiased result. Nothing or no one from the outside can affect the outcome of your game.

3. You have to download a lot of software, so the computer will be infected with viruses.


This statement is wrong for three reasons:

The casino software is lightweight and easy to download

The software is developed by professionals and eliminates the presence of any malicious components, and the process of its implementation is fast and transparent.

Software installation is unnecessary

Optionally, you can not install software at all. You can always play through the browser by logging into your account. This option may be less user friendly (interface and game speed), but the choice is yours.

You can also play via smartphone or tablet

Therefore – you don’t even need a computer. Online casino maximizes your comfort.

4. All processes in online casinos are automated and the human factor is absent.


Online casinos are created by real people, who also manage them. In a numerous processes that stand behind each of your actions are people: processing transactions, customer support, improving functionality, upgrading software – all this cannot be done by machines. Therefore – contact technical support to make suggestions for improvement and your wishes will not be ignored.

5. You have to make big bets.


Modern online casinos offer their users a wide range of games with a flexible range of possible bets. You can adjust the betting options at your discretion, and this will not affect the quality of the game (despite the fact that playing at high rates is still more profitable). Remember, also, that the chance to compete for the jackpot in individual games falls randomly at any time of the game, no matter how much money you bet!

This information may seem common and simple to many regular players. But really, these myths stop many new players from playing for real money, despite the fact that the winnings are very close. Just remember your fears before you played your first slot machine! Isn’t it so? – Sure it is!

If you want to learn more about the myths of online casinos – I offer you an article. And in order to dispel all remaining myths – read the article about how to play Slots.

The basic Slotozilla rule is “Play Safely”, therefore I always recommend to learn the rules of each casino and the rules of each game before playing!

See you around, daaaarghlings!



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