Dream Vegas Wants You Make a Pick: Car or Cash?

Have you been saving up to purchase your car but still couldn’t save enough? Well, this is your golden chance to take home a splendid Range Rover. Dream Vegas online casino has been running this new promotion for last few months where one lucky winner gets to win a Range Rover Velar (base model). The first draw was scheduled to take place on 1st August 2018 and more draws in every 12 weeks.

The winner will be contacted via messages/call or email in the first business week of the 12th week. If the winner is not interested in taking the car, the casino may swap it with cold hard cash. The reward value is £35,000. For this reason, the promotion is called Car or Cash.

cash or car_dream_vegas

How to Win the Car?

Well, you have to get a ticket to enter the lucky draw. Now, the question is how to get this entrée ticket. Players will get one comp or Dream point every time they deposit in £20 and play through it twice. For every 500 points accumulated, they will receive one dream ticket. If you have 2000 points, then you get four tickets. Each of these tickets is equivalent to one entry in the draw. You can have any number of entries. There’s no set limitation by . It is like getting rewarded for doing what you love to do (gambling).

A Few Things to Remember

There are some promotional terms and conditions set by the casino for this promotion which includes:

  • Only players who have approved, open and fully verified accounts are eligible to participate in the draw.
  • All the optional add-ons of the car like the insurance and taxes are not included in the prize.
  • Your dream points will be reset to zero after every 12 weeks’ period or after the next draw.
  • The lucky drawn is supposed to take place in 12 weeks’ interval, but there is another criterion. There should 30 new and valid contestants to that draw. However, the ultimate decision lies in the casino’s hand.

Also, all the general terms and conditions are also applicable. Hence, we suggest you check them out before you make that deposit.

It is time to steal the show and bring it on the road and get ready to make your friend go green in envy. Visit Dream Vegas to participate in Car or Cash!

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