Share Your Story Contest: Capitalise Your Winning Experience at an Online Casino

If you have been nurturing the idea that casinos are the only platforms where a staggering jackpot can be won, then you are highly mistaken. Today, with the presence of cool forums and money contests, through simple participation, even you can cash out thousands.

Contest Launch: Make Fast Money by Pouring out Your Winning Experience

Instead of gossiping about your biggest wins with your neighbours, penning it down can actually help you win a tidy sum of $1000. At , the popular online forum, we are taking it to the next step by launching a cool money contest for every gaming enthusiast out there. If you have been a part of lucrative wins in the past, share your invaluable experience with us on this forum. The participant with the maximum likes is sure to earn a fast buck out here.


Heaven4gamblers: An Inside Look

is an integrated online community, disseminating up-to-date information about online casinos to players coming from all around the globe. It is a highly interactive forum, where gamblers get ample scope to chat with other fellow gamers, share their experience, and stay updated on the current happenings taking place in the gambling industry. For zealous players, it is an ideal forum and a storehouse of the latest news that is making a buzz at present. Visit our forum, to strike up a conversation with our members and guests!

Rules of the Contest: How Much Does Your Word Cost?

Have a story in mind? Can’t wait to share it with your peers? Here is your chance to pen it down and share your personal experience of winning lump sums from a casino, right here! However, prior to that, keep in mind the rules of the contest:

  • If your heart-warming write-up gathers maximum likes, then you could be a clear-cut winner.
  • Winners of the contest shall receive a gratifying sum of $1000
  • Those making it to the second position shall win $500
  • Third prize winners shall receive $250 as a reward
  • Don’t worry if your post fails to go viral. If it’s heart-warming and intriguing enough to capture our editor’s attention, then you could win the Editor’s Choice Award. A tempting sum of $777 has been affixed for this exclusive prize.

Hurry! The contest shall stretch for a month. So enter your name as soon as possible.

We are proud to announce that it is an open contest so face this challenge and pour in your experience of winning at an online casino. Lucrative cash prizes are awaiting the best of writers!

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