Slots terminology

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Have you ever had the desire to find out more about the terminology that is used in the gambling world? Here are some keys so you could have the better understanding of what is gambling and what are its major notions. For instance, the bonus feature can be used when only you have the winning combination and there are various types of bonuses. The bonuses may differ and may be represented by free spins and in the other bonus rounds the player is given the option to choose. According to the choice you have made, you are shown the number of credits and after that you are awarded. When some bonuses are activated, there is a function of spinning wheel that shows that the amount of money that you have won.

Candle is the name of function that lights on the top of the gambling machine. This function is used to indicate that there are some changes needed or there may be some problems.

Carousel is used for determination of the group of slot machines that are formed in an oval or circle.

It is interesting that the coin hopper is used as a container where are the coins available for the payouts. There is a certain coin capacity and when it is reached, the diverter redirects it or drops it.

Credit Meter will show you the sum of money or credits that are now on the machine.

Drop bucket or as an option drop box is used for identification of a container where the coins are being diverted from the above mentioned hopper. The content of such bucket or box will be collected and counted by the casino according to the schedule.

EGM is used for the full name of electronic gaming machine. Hand pay takes place when the amount of payout is more than the established by the casino operator amount. Hand pay may be also used in case of the short payment.

Payline is the line through which one symbol one each reel crosses. In such a way, the winning combination is made. One may place different bets on these pay lines including horizontal, vertical and others. Short payout is used for the half payout that is performed by the slot machine. The amount of payment is less than the amount that is to be paid to the player. In general, there are a lot of delicate things that should be taken into account while choosing to play at one of the online casinos.

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