How does it work? Exclusive Interview with Endorphina Software Provider

We suggest you to immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of the working process of the people who create the coolest games for you. How are the slots created? Why do some slots become popular and other don’t? Which technologies are used to create the top games? All this will be told by the members of one of the coolest teams – Endorphina Gaming Company. You will also find out if Endorphina is going to open its own casino and when the VR casino will appear. Let’s go!

1.)    One of the most frequently asked questions is the process of creating slots. Can you tell in stages how the implementation proceeds from the idea to the launch of the game?


– The game creation is a complex process – putting together the features and the designs are created at the same time. Each team member has an opportunity to suggest a game theme. Once this specific theme is chosen for a new game, the team leader who takes care of the development and design, decides which game is most attractive. Our games are usually incorporated with high-volatility mathematics, including various features like free spins, multipliers, and bonus games. This type of mathematics doesn’t pay on each spin, but once in a while it pays a significant amount. In addition to this, all the sounds and animations are added to create a full experience.  After completing the game, a thorough testing stage begins. After that, it’s time for our marketing and sales department to go into action to create a promo campaign, notify clients and prepare all the marketing activities.


2.)    Do you have the certain criteria on how to predict the popularity for the future slots?


– While creating the slots, we have a lot of things to pay attention to. Although popularity itself can’t be predicted, we make sure that we do our research by observing the statistics of the popularity of our games in different areas, reading reviews and collecting vital feedback from players. We pay attention to social trends, trends on the market, upcoming events and our own opinions. We are also doing some research on what people like, what they are talking and thinking about. With all this info, we more or less can predict their behaviour and tastes.

3.)    Are you considering creating your own casino with your brand?


– We have an amazing team of highly skilled specialists and we want to make the best usage of our resources. That’s why we want to be focused on game development and delivering the best product out there. The main aim for us now is to expand our portfolio with high-quality games, give players more choices in slots and bring some new titles, themes and to keep pushing the benchmark up. I am not saying that an Endorphina casino is not an option in the future, but right now our goals are focused in different areas rather than towards operations.

4.)    Your company exists since 2012 and in such a short time has become very popular on online gambling market. How did you achieve such fantastic results?


– Well, I think it is mainly because we are really focused on the quality of our products. We never release a game which we are not 100% satisfied with. When our games entered the igaming market, it was quickly adopted and popular among players playing in cryptocurrencies. Then we released the slot game Satoshi’s Secret and we gained even more popularity due to the nature of the game. It was something new, unusual and most of all trendy. The great reputation of our games and services spread quickly and more and more casinos were launching us, both directly and through platforms.

We keep working on our reputation with every game we launch and every exhibition we visit. Sometimes we might be a bit provocative and think too much out of the box, but it is still better than turning into an ordinary game provider who doesn’t stir up any emotions. It’s our unwritten motto that Endorphina brings endorphins.

endorphina company

5.)    Since the VR theme is now gaining very big popularity, do you have any plans to develop VR games?


– Although we have our eyes closely monitoring the VR situation, until it is widely available for players, we feel like the market is not yet matured to that level to accept a VR slot game. We’re more focused on other trends of the market and will implement that into our portfolio.

6.)    Are you currently developing some new games? Can you give some highlights about it?


– We’ve just released our newest game Kamchatka, inspired by the beauty of the wild nature of this mysterious land. It’s a bright and colourful game with nice graphics and a unique bonus pick game. This game offers really high wins so we predict that it will be become a favourite for the high-rollers. There are more game releases planned for the rest of the year 2018, but I will not tell you more, not to spoil the surprise ☺ I can just tell you that our players will definitely like them 🙂

7.)    What technologies do you use to create your amazing games?


– I think it would be too boring and technical for your readers, but I can tell you that all of our games are created using the latest technology. Our specialized teams create games from the very first idea till the finished product. All of this is done in house. We believe that to create a proper gambling experience for the players online, that we must follow the latest tech advancements while also carefully evaluating the proper usage of each type of new technology.

8.)    Can you share some of your plans for the next year?


– Of course that there will be more games for your players! We are planning some various themes so that any player can find their own favourite Endorphina game. We’re planning to improve our services and offer more exciting features to our clients and players.

We will definitely be a part of the biggest gaming exhibitions all around the world, I can name ICE Totally Gaming in London, IGB Live in Amsterdam and Sigma Malta and we are currently negotiating with others as well.

In addition, we are planning something new – offline and online activities, but it’s too early to talk about them right now.

And our long-term aim is to move towards the regulated markets. We already have our Maltese license and we are not stopping there.

9.)    The most favorite and popular slots of your company at our site are – Temple Cats, The Vampires, The King, Urartu and Geisha. Can you give us some comments about the creative moments of developing these games?


– The inspiration for these games came straight from the experiences our creative team had from personally travelling. They came up with the themes while exploring the hidden parts of India, Armenia, Egypt and other amazing countries. The rich culture, history and traditions of these countries led them towards the idea of creating these awesome games.

You can see the influence of the culture in everything – the music, symbols, animation, fonts, etc. Our team conducted major research during the creation of these slots, so our players can really feel the energy inside of these stunning places.

10.)    What do you think is making your company outstanding among others casino software developers?


– From my point of view, there are several reasons.

First of all, it’s that we’re not afraid to create something new. We are very open to new ideas, features and mathematics for our slots. We like to be seen bright and a little bit crazy. You can see it in our slots and our promo at the Expos.

In addition, we are really thinking about our players. We have this sort of dialogue with them, listening carefully to their ideas and feedback. Sometimes players are even asking casinos to start working with us!

And of course, it’s our team. We are proud to have such great professionals in our company who are working with such immense passion. From the generation of the idea to the game implementation, from creating the business strategy to making the invoices, it starts and ends with our people. Even if this sounds a bit cheesy, it is true. Our team is the essence of our company.

Mary and Lucie

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