Latest Upgrades In ‘Clash of Spins’ By VideoSlots Casino

Hello there! It’s time to have a whale of a time! Guess what, the VideoSlots casino has introduced new features to its ‘Clash of Spins’ tournament, and it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth.
Aimed to improve gaming enthusiasts’ social casino experience, it is all set to take gambling to a completely new level. Curious about it, aren’t you? Let’s dig right into it.

Top VideoSlots Casino Stories Creating Buzz

A lot of improvisations have been going around in VideoSlots casino in recent times, all of which are here to augment your social casino experience. Take a quick look at them:

  • Incorporation of Swish in Its Line of Payment Methods

Swish Logo

In an urge to involve Swedish players and expand its fan follower base, the creative minds behind VideoSlots casino have finally launched Swish. Appreciated and quite popular as a mobile payment system across the Swedish population, gamers hailing from this country shall love the promptness in payment transfers. It occurs in the wink of an eye, leaving punters all full of beans. So if you are one of them, originating from Sweden, here’s your chance to make your day!

  • Clash of Spins Launches Its Mobile Version


The moment has finally arrived! Those eagerly waiting with their fingers crossed for Clash of Spins to launch on their favourite hand-held device should eventually find a concrete reason to celebrate. That’s right, going forward, you can take your Battles to wherever you go. In layman language, it’s a great initiative to engage players in gripping tournaments while on the move. So go ahead and make the most of this mode. Challenge your pals around or summon the members of VideoSlots casino to play a game or two with you from the palm of their own hands.

  • Tuesday Madness – the Novel Weekly Promotion to Beat Weekday Blues

Revolutionary features like Tuesday Madness Battle only confirms the fact that weekdays aren’t that dull and uninspiring, after all. All thanks to casino operators like VideoSlots for keeping on the excitement level intact by offering a golden opportunity to punters to hit a jackpot of about € 15,000. This generous amount could also rise to € 16,000 and over with every buy-in. What’s even grander is the wager-free wins, assuring players a tidy sum of money, on hitting the jackpot.

Hottest Promotion: ‘Rounders’ to Spice up Clash of Spins

An improvised Sit‘n Go concept titled ‘Rounders’, this feature calls for buy-ins in five of its enthralling rounds. By winning each round, one inevitably earns an entry into the next one and an opportunity to grab lump sums.

However, the manner of progression isn’t mainstream, which indicates that a person might just skip to the round of their choice. The only criterion is to pay for the buy-in and initiate the battle.

For participation, the expenses start from as low as € 5.5 and escalate to € 605. But hey! You could save your money by winning a free ticket to the first round. All you have to do is undertake one of those freeroll Battles to win a golden chance that could land you straight into the thrilling rounds.

Take the Hint & Get Yourself Ready for Action!

Fascinating, isn’t it? It’s time you satisfy your betting impulse by battling on the move. Beat your weekday blues by registering to Tuesday Madness or try out the all-new Rounders to have the time of your life. Wishing you lots of luck!

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