The Launch of 7 Bit and Mars Casinos as Multi-Cryptocurrency Wager Sites

7Bit Casino and Mars Casino, popularly known for their provision of the digital cryptocurrency have been recently launched as full on multi-currency sites. The increase of the use of digital currency in place of conventional cash has become a growing trend in the gaming world that has seen a shift among hundreds of thousands of gamblers and numerous casinos as well. These two casinos provide a wide range of cryptocurrency options that cater to a wide range of gamblers and without the limitations that come with using ordinary currency. Some of the cryptocurrency that can now be used to gamble in the various sets provided in 7 Bit and Mars Casino include:

  • ETH

Also known as Ethereum, this cryptocurrency has risen in recent times to become one of the most preferred online. It comes with the main advantages of incurring less transaction charges in comparison to other cryptocurrencies and helping gamblers access their winnings at a much faster rate. Some of the games that can be used to play using ETH include Mr Slotty, Belatra, and BGaming. The existence of the platform on a customized platform makes it among the most secure cryptocurrency options.

  • LTC

This is an acronym for Litecoin and was heavily inspired by Bitcoin, one of the biggest cryptocurrencies on the market. This currency is accessed in 2011 and has since grown to become a billion dollar institution. Similar to ETH, Litecoin comes with faster deposit and withdrawal speeds at convenient rates. Some of the game developers that support the use of the cryptocurrency in the sets they provide include Betsoft, BGaming, Mr Slotty, and Belatra.

  • DOGEcoin

This cryptocurrency came to rise as a joke currency that featured a Shiba Inu dog that rocked the internet in the form of a meme I 2013. However, this currency grew to amass over six million dollars. Today, it is among the most popular gaming cryptocurrencies due to its cheap rates and can be used to play in numerous casinos, now including 7Bit and Mars casinos, Belatra, BGaming, Betsoft, etc.

  • BCH

Bitcoin Cash, mostly confused with Bitcoin, stands as among the best options to use when gambling in gaming destinations. This currency offers its users some of the best rates and transaction speeds and has been adopted by various online game providers such as Betsoft, Belatra, Mr Slotty, etc.

7Bit Casino players get to enjoy a twenty free spins bonus for using either one of the cryptocurrencies listed above.

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