Merry Christmazilla Promo Results

A monster-size thanks for taking part in Merry Christmazilla Promo!

The total number of eggs collected is 10611!

As in previous promo, participants could choose different strategies to collect more Slotozilla eggs!

They could:

accumulate eggs without risk or risk found eggs to double them!

Over 350 players took part in Christmas Promo!

According to the Promo terms, three winners who collected the biggest amount of my eggs received their cash rewaaaarghds:

3rd place and $100 got joey……, who collected for the entire period of the Promo 1278 eggs! Good result!

2nd place and $200 got noel………, who collected for the entire period of the Promo 1418 eggs! Excellent result!

1st place and $300 got karl………, who collected 1451 eggs and showed the best result!

Top 3 Winners Merry Christmazilla!

And, in addition, 9 random participants received $100 each. By using the website, were generated the numbers of nine winners of the quiz and the draw was held live on Slotozilla Facebook Page

top 9 random winners

Thank you so much – everyone who took part in the Promo!

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Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t become a winner this time – keep participating in Slotozilla’s future contests! Who knows – maybe you’re gonna be next promo winner!

I hope my gifts will be very useful for you on Christmas Eve!

I wish you all the success! Let good luck smile to you and bring big wins!

Peace, goodness to you and a Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmazilla winners

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