Microgaming PlayItForward Backs YGAM

Microgaming, one of the biggest and well-established online gaming software developers, has donated 12 680 pounds to the YGAM educational program through its body PlayItForward. YGAM, which is the acronym for The Young Gamblers Education Trust is an independent body established in the Isle of Man whose main directive is providing education on the harm that comes with online gaming.

Every element in life, without the shadow of a doubt, has its upsides and downsides. Gaming has been considered one of the greatest leisure activities of all times, but this has not exempted it from arising issues. Regular gambling comes with the risk of addiction, which has become a major area of concern for most. As internet connectivity grows to reach more people around the world, the access to casino games becomes easier by the day. This easy access comes with a rise in the risk of gambling addiction. Like any other form of addiction, gaming dependency may have massive repercussions to one’s personal and financial life. The derailment to become a gateway to other types of addiction, which is what this organization works hard to keep at bay.

Numerous online gaming destinations have realized the need for control gaming, and with the help of YGAM, have introduced measures to ensure it is maintained as so. The provision of funds by institutions the likes of Microgaming ensures to keep such programs running. Some of the initiatives taken is the introduction of a wager limit option for gamblers in numerous casinos in the Isle of Man. This feature allows players to limit the amount of money they can use when playing and are restricted from indulging any more once it is achieved. The organization also specializes in groundwork by training individuals on how to practice resilience and safe gambling while on the digital platform.

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