NBA to Introduce New Virtual Betting: ‘NBA Last 90’

NBA to Introduce New Virtual Betting NBA Last 90As it was a few days ago officially announced by the National Basketball Association, the Highlight Games software developer is preparing a real treat for all basketball fans! This treat comes in the form of a virtual sports betting game that will carry the name ‘NBA Last 90’, as well as the official National Basketball Association signature. It is expected that this release hit both European and American gaming markets along with the beginning of the 2019/2020 NBA season.

About ‘NBA Last 90’

‘NBA Last 90’ can be considered as proactive in virtual sports betting industry, while it combines highlights from real match-ups that were played in the last couple of years. The game sets the player in the last 90 seconds of a virtual highlight match between two actual teams, and it provides the possibility to place a bet on several different match outcomes:

  • Which team will win the match
  • Which team will score the first point
  • Which player will score first
  • Which player will score the most 3-pointers
  • The total point score.

‘NBA Last 90’ pieces together highlight scenes and various situations from multiple matches into a single one. You get to choose between all possible match-ups. The game will also come as the demo version where you get to place a wager on outcomes from the match between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. This particular match-up is placed in California, and it combines situations from all showdowns between these two teams during the NBA Finals.

So, you can witness scenes such as the famous LeBron’s block over Iguodala, which brought Cavaliers the title back in 2016. Or you will witness the notorious double dribbling performed by Curry over LeBron back in 2017.

How Does It Work?

As stated by the representatives of the Highlight Games software developer, the ‘NBA Last 90’ virtual sports betting game will use the data provided by the association and combine it through the algorithm similar to the random number generator you can find in the vast majority of online casino games, especially online slot machines. In this way, the game will be able to produce “millions of possible outcomes”, as it was stated in the official press reports.

Additional Details

‘NBA Last 90’ will be offered both by sports betting retail shops and as an app. This implies that you can choose to place a wager in person or over your desktop/laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Since it is not limited to any particular software platform, all devices that are powered by the iOS, Android or Windows Mobile can be used to place a bet on your favorite ‘NBA Last 90’ event. The players would also have the opportunity to watch these events across various TV channels.

With ‘NBA Last 90’, the American National Basketball League has become the first major sports league from the United States that has joined the virtual sports betting market, building the path for other sports to hopefully follow their example.

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