Online Casinos With Voice Control

Online Casinos With Voice Control – Reality or Fiction?

Voice Control in Online Casinos

How’s the day going? Ready for some news that will blow your mind? What if I tell you that there are now online casinos with voice control features?

Yeees! You can talk to the casinos now, and they will follow your command! Gee, I have never thought that I can play online slots that will work based on the words I say. Great to rest my fingers! But wait, before we get all too pumped up, let us take a deeper look at what these casinos have to offer.

So, let us explore what this voice control is about and see how we can play them!

What Is a Voice Control Virtual Assistant?

Siri from Apple is the best example of voice control. All you have to do is to give commands, and Siri, the software, will execute the command on your phone.

At first, people did not believe this was possible. But now, everybody has it, and people who drive use it to navigate their way!

You can tell Siri to launch your music player, and it will do it. After its success, Amazon released Echo, a device that has a virtual assistant named Alexa. You can tell Alexa to turn on and off your lights or search Google for a word, and it will read the content for you. And now, they work with casinos, too!

Online Casino Which Can Already Be Controlled by Voice

Wild Tornado

If you want to launch more games than slot machines, there are casinos that you can use with your Google Assistant or Apple devices. For now, only one from my trusted online casino’s list is known to have this, but I’m sure many will follow this trend.

After all, who does not want games to be easy, right?

  • Wild Tornado Casino: the voice-controlled casino was launched in 2018. All you need to do is to sync the casino app with your device’s virtual assistant and it will launch games! You can check it out and try!

Free Slots with Voice Control

The technology for voice control in the world of online casinos is still too young, so there are no slot machines yet that will run on voice control. Nope, not for Android and not for iOs.

You still get to use your fingers to play slots. But it is not so bad because you can launch the game from the casino app. Saves your time in searching for a game from the search box, right? And of course, you cannot go wrong. Sometimes you tap the wrong game and you just have to start over again! Aaargh!

Having fun yet? Try downloading casino apps that have voice control and you can make your betting life easier. Some examples of commands recognized are “five dollars on Team A to win,” “launch Immortal Romance,” and “ten dollars for 2-0 win” on the city”.

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