Slotozilla Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Meh! I am feeling a little inundated with questions today. But hey, I am here to help you get some clarity on some hot issues. Today, we will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions out there. By the end of this conversation, you should stop beating your head ‘cuz I got the answers!

Can you really withdraw from legitimate gambling websites?


Of course! You can cashout your funds provided that you are compliant with the rules. Many players bicker about how the casino put their cash on hold and bleh! What many of these complainants do not tell you is that they are mostly referring to their bonus money.

But here’s the thing: you cannot withdraw any bonus money or winnings from it unless you met certain conditions. Wanna know what these are? Read the terms and conditions.

How come online casinos ask for my personal information?

Personal Information

Did you just say TMI? Well, online operators need you to abide by their registration and payments policy because it is the law. Can you just imagine if anybody can withdraw and deposit anonymously? The online gambling will become the hub of money-launderers and criminals.

But thank heavens for technology! All your data are encrypted and are kept safe!

Are the results of the slot machines rigged?

casino cheating

Aaaw! There is no such thing! A casino won’t risk its reputation by rigging its games! What kind of business will invest millions in advertising and software only to lose it all by cheating? I am telling you that from a businessman’s standpoint, it is not worth the risk. There is much more to be had by being a reliable casino than by cheating.

Are certifications important?


You bet! A gambling house that has no certification is not regulated by anybody. This means the operator can rig the games, cheat you, run away with your money, and you will never know who they are. Certificates are proof of a casino’s reputation as a legitimate business. A broader answer to this question can be found HERE

There are various governing bodies around the world. They issue licenses and regularly inspect the online casino office to test their servers or if their games are fair. Deception of clients is unacceptable for casino regulators and they will shut down any casino that cheats its players.

So, how exactly do I cash out my money?

payment methods

Well, this is easy. There are international payment systems that casinos use. But beware! Not all casinos are in partnership with the same institutions. You must also know that not all deposit methods can be used to withdraw your winnings. The withdrawal timelines also vary. The best thing to do to get a definitive answer to this is to contact the casino support service or read its payment terms.


Dear friend, most horror stories you see online about online gambling operators are either a myth or a misunderstanding. Online casinos have clear rules and expectations for you. The most common cause of problems is ignorance. Do not be blinded by the bright lights on your monitor. Read the policies, obey them, and you should be laughing your way to the bank.

You can also find more answers in this article, but all you need is to read and obey terms and conditions of every casino you play. That’s it – c’mon, choose which one online casino is your best HERE!

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