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The following information will be of vital use for those who are new to the fantastic world of online gambling and wish to play new games.

The Most Popular Online Casino Game FAQs

Meh! I am feeling a little inundated with questions today. But hey, I am here to help you get some clarity on some hot issues. Today, we will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions out there about playing online casino games. By the end of this conversation, you should stop beating your head ‘cuz I got the answers!

1. Is It Safe to Play Slots Online? Are There any Reliable Online Casinos?

Yes, web gambling is, in fact, not less safe than playing at any land-based gaming institution. Due to the rapid technology development, today, you may be sure that all your personal information is safely stored; all the transactions of funds you make are 100% secure. Reputable web gaming venues, in general, display special signs, which indicate their affiliation / subscription to integrity guarantors along with the security assurance organizations. To be certain, you should visit only independently audited sites, which use world-class software. The testimonials on the site serve as another indicator.

2. Is Online Gaming Legal?

It is for sure that all the gambling laws differ from country to country. Besides, a lot of laws are being constantly changed, depending on the game types, the country where you are playing, and the website you’re playing at. Hence, there is a great deal of answers going unanswered. However, there is at least some certainty about the age limit. In fact, the laws in this aspect are rather strict. Thus, it is highly recommended to familiarize yourself with the laws applicable in your local area.

3. Do Online Casinos Have Fair Dealings?

It is highly recommended to ask for an independent audit run by a third party upon searching for a fair casino. Besides, you have to keep in mind the fact that you may always stay safe by playing at the well-established and trustworthy internet gaming venues, such as Slotland, which is, by the way, proven by being in business since 1998. In general, every reliable web casino tries to be a long term player in the gambling industry.

4. Are the Results of the Slot Machines Rigged?

Aaaw! There is no such thing! A casino won’t risk its reputation by rigging its games! What kind of business will invest millions in advertising and software only to lose it all by cheating? I am telling you that from a businessman’s standpoint, it is not worth the risk. There is much more to be had by being a reliable casino than by cheating.

What is casinos' attitude to cheating?

5. Are Certifications Important?

You bet! A gambling house that has no certification is not regulated by anybody. This means the operator can rig the games, cheat you, run away with your money, and you will never know who they are. Certificates are proof of a casino’s reputation as a legitimate business. A broader answer to this question can be found HERE

Are Certifications Important?

There are various governing bodies around the world. They issue licenses and regularly inspect the online casino office to test their servers or if their games are fair. Deception of clients is unacceptable for casino regulators, and they will shut down any casino that cheats its players.

6. How to Start Playing at a Web Casino?

The very first thing, which you are highly recommended is going through a number of the most reputed web gaming venues and compare them by the following criteria:

  • the deposit requirements;
  • minimum bets;
  • bonuses and their wagering requirements.

You can brush up your skills at sites that allow you to play free before playing online slots for real money. Once you choose a casino, you need to open an account there, receiving an account number/id and a password. Once you deposit money into your casino account, you’re all set to play. Remember, with no download slots you can play instantly!

7. How Much Money Do We Need for the Start?

You may start playing with the amount that you are comfortable with, in general, that is about $25. As it was already said, it is highly recommended to start playing the free games first to gain some experience and only then start playing for real money. However, it is critical to make sure that you play safe and do not forget to always keep tabs on the amount, which you are putting at stake.

Needless to stress, in land-based casinos, people are watching your moves, thus, you may want to bet only to impress the onlookers; but while playing online, you will not experience such pressure. As a result, you can bet only when you feel confident and comfortable.

8. How to Make Transactions at an Online Casino?

To play online slots for real money, you will need to deposit some money in your casino account. You can do this in the following ways: via credit and debit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks, wire transfers, Paypal, eWalletXpress, EcoCard, Neteller, PaySafeCard, Western Union, and etc. You should check the casino site banking section if you want to see the whole list of currently available payment options. Today, the majority of internet casinos accept credit card deposits. Besides, almost every casino maintains an account system – the money, which you have sent to them, will be deposited and, as a result, your account will be credited for that amount. There are also lots of similar ways to withdraw from the online casino account.

9. Can You Really Withdraw from Legitimate Gambling Websites?

Of course! You can cashout your funds provided that you are compliant with the rules. Many players bicker about how the casino put their cash on hold and bleh! What many of these complainants do not tell you is that they are mostly referring to their bonus money.

How to withdraw from Legitimate Gambling Websites

But here’s the thing: you cannot withdraw any bonus money or winnings from it unless you meet certain conditions. Wanna know what these are? Read the terms and conditions.

10. So, How Exactly Do I Cash out My Money?

Well, this is easy. There are international payment systems that casinos use. But beware! Not all casinos are in partnership with the same institutions. You must also know that not all deposit methods can be used to withdraw your winnings. The withdrawal timelines also vary. The best thing to do to get a definitive answer to this is to contact the casino support service or read its payment terms.

online casino game faqs about payment methods

11. What Kinds of Games Are Available Online?

As a matter of fact, the real number of games can greatly vary. Whilst the majority of online gaming venues offer up to several hundred games, once you take a closer look at them, you will find out soon that those titles can be found in other casinos as well, or, at least, they will be very similar. Casinos usually offer a huge selection of slots and table games. Some include live dealer games and specialty games.

12. How Can Online Casinos Ask for My Personal Information?

Did you just say TMI? Well, online operators need you to abide by their registration and payments policy because it is the law. Can you just imagine if anybody can withdraw and deposit anonymously? Online gambling will become the hub of money-launderers and criminals.

Casinos ask for Personal Information

But thank heavens for technology! All your data is encrypted and kept safe!

13. Do We Need to Obtain Software, and Is It Easy to Install?

Only downloadable online casino games need special software. To play downloadable games you need to install the particular software on your PC or laptop. Needless to add, in general, it is safe to download the software. To avoid any possible problems with malware, it is highly recommended to use a special anti-virus program while being online. Besides, there is also a cool way out – stick to no download games, such as those, which you can find at SlotoZilla! By doing this you will save yourself from a hassle.

14. Can We Practice Playing for Free at an Online Casino or Should We Pay First to Start the Game?

Today, there is a great deal of online casinos, which allow you to try the games for free before playing for real money. In fact, before making a serious foray, it is advisable to gain some experience first. By starting with the fun mode you will get lots of advantages, including the possibility to brush up your skills, get the general impression of the machine and online casino, thus, familiarizing yourself with rules and terms. It is also advisable to start with penny games and small change betting slots for lower stakes. Once you feel you have gained the necessary experience, then you could move on to playing big.

15. What Should We Do Once We’ve had any Kind of Problems at the Online Casino?

Every online casino has a customer support service. If any questions or problems arise, players can contact them and ask for help or information. The most popular way to reach customer support representatives is through a live chat, which is usually available 24/7. The
other channels are phone number and email.


Dear friend, most horror stories you see online about online gambling operators are either a myth or a misunderstanding. Online casinos have clear rules and expectations for you. The most common cause of problems is ignorance. Do not be blinded by the bright lights on your monitor. Read the policies, obey them, and you should be laughing your way to the bank.

All you need is to read and obey the terms and conditions of every casino you play. That’s it – c’mon, choose which online casino is your best for you!


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