Slotozilla Gambling Horoscope 2019

If you feel like 2018 did not go so well for you, then there is a pretty good chance that this coming 2019 will be amazing for you. I bet you are curious to know what 2019 has for you, right? Well, I did some digging, and have some pretty juicy predictions for you. Check out your sign in the Slotozilla horoscope and predict your spintastic future based on the Chinese Zodiac Animals.

slotozilla horoscope


The die has been cast here if your animal is the Rat. Slotozilla horoscope has already spoken, and The Rat Pack slot is your lucky charm this coming year! Give it a few quick spins and launch your gaming year in style.


Players whose Zodiac sign is the Ox are always lucky by the way. And in the coming year, it is no different. From Slotozilla horoscope, 2019 will be a great year especially if you take to spinning the reels of Buffalo Slot. It’s the best way to get you golden touch!


What does the future hold for Tigers? Well, Tigers love to eat, and everybody in this sign should consider getting into the business of earning. Which brings us to the Slotozilla’s chosen slot for the guys under this sign; Untamed Bengal Tiger slot which if you try out, you’ll agree that’s it’s pretty accurate for your triumphant spirit.

chinese zodiac rabbit


People under this sign should also start jumping with joy because there is fortune coming in 2019. As you may already know by now, it is believed that the rabbit is a symbol of good luck and fertility across, and I couldn’t agree more! If you all under Rabbit’s umbrella, the White Rabbit slot should be your game of choice for a year full of joy and money-spinning goodies.


If you have the spirit of a Dragons, then you are relentless and robust enough to overcome any lemons that life throws at you. Challenge yourself in the Slotozilla horoscope game of choice for a sweet struggle and bountiful rewards. Why don’t you try out a few quick spins of the Dragon Fire Slot?


Did you know that snakes have always been the arch-enemy of the pig? Well, since the new the year is the year of the pig, you should really stay cautious because you have a glass ceiling to break. Oh, and hey! The good news is, our Slotozilla horoscope still smells good fortune for you in 2019. It has matched your sign is with the Snake Charmer slot which is quite volatile with a high RTP!

chinese zodiac horse


For horses, 2019 is going to be yet another good year just like most of the years that have passed. That’s because you are always hard workers who make the smartest and most daring moves. To keep your good fortune going, our horoscope guide has matched you with Fire Horse Slot. I bet you can already smell the fire prizes coming your way from a distance including the jackpot. Don’t you?


Everyone who falls under the shadow of the goat should embrace their nature and keep their eyes on the prize. To keep you focused, our Slotozilla horoscope just had to match you with the Very Big Goat Slot. Don’t you already feel like a winner? Now you gotta stick with your sign animal, and you will reap big rewards in 2019!


In the coming year of the earth pig, the monkey could encounter some challenges, but you know what else the sign says? Stick to your lucky colors if you want to get your way, just like your zodiac animal mischievously. For a chance to go bananas with substantial payouts, the Slotozilla horoscope insists on the Golden Monkey slot. It will literally be your golden touch in 2019, showering all kinds of golden prizes on you. What a lucky color!

chinese zodiac rooster


If this is your Zodiac animal, then you’ll be crowing proudly all year round because the Slotozilla horoscope guide predicts that an anthill full of sugary termites awaits you on the reels. Go cock-a-doodle-doo with the Henhouse slot as it has potential to hatch for you all sorts of golden eggs from the word go!


Is your Chinese zodiac symbol the dog? Well, a lot of good fortune in 2019 is in store for you but only if hold on to your zodiac animal as you spin the reels. Try a few quick spins of Fortune Dogs slot, and you’ll easily get glued to the screen for hours!


Oink! 2019 is the year of the earth pig which means, it is a year full of joy for you. Grunt, snort and squeal your way to an assortment of goodies in the legendary Three Little Pigs Strike slot.

Now that you all know your predictions on the Slotozilla horoscope for the Chinese Zodiac animals, you better stick to your guns. All you have to do is make wise decisions as you spin the reels of your respective slot and let the starts work out their magic!

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