Slots strategy: is it real?

The Game Is Random, But Your Behavior Shouldn’t Be

There are all sorts of tales and myths about slot machines, but while the old mechanical ones perhaps could be cheated upon (we don’t know if these stories are true), with the modern online slots it’s absolutely impossible. We are all aware of the fact that the slots games results are random, and there’s nothing you can change about that, but your playing doesn’t need to be random – in case it is, you’d better change it as soon as you can.

  1. Choose a slot machine that works best for you (or several of those). With the great variety of games out there, it is fine to simply turn to another one when you are not satisfied with the current results. You can do this at random, of course, but comparing the results from your experiences is better and will help you find the slot game that suits you best.
  2. Try free play to understand the rules and symbols of the slot game before betting any real money.
  3. Limit the time you play and take regular breaks so that your mind works better.
  4. Keep a record of your gambling experiences and experiments with different games. This may sound boring, but it helps to control, review and analyze everything that is otherwise very hard to keep in mind: winnings and losses, the time you spend playing, your betting amounts and the differences between playing this and that game.
  5. Keeping track of what you win and lose is an essential part of another reasonable advice you can find everywhere: setting a budget. This is the #1 rule of all casino games, but how do you control that budget?
  6. Understand what happens when you play slots. The Random Number Generator is a computer chip responsible for generating a number that determines your results. It does not depend on how much time or money you (or someone else) have spent playing that game, so the bigger payouts are not due over certain periods of time or amounts of money invested by the players. Move to another machine if you don’t like your results, don’t simply wait for anything.
  7. Bet reasonably. Placing higher bets is good for games that promise higher payout percentage for more coins or credits you bet, or games which state it in their rules that only max bet players can win the jackpot.
  8. Activate all pay lines: this is the #1 rule of slot games. There’s nothing worse than a winning combination on a line that hasn’t been activated, or a symbol that could have been a part of a great combination.
  9. Avoid chasing losses. When you experience the so-called “losing streak”, quit. This is a game of luck and chance, you can always come back and try later.
  10. Making the jackpot your top priority is likely to be your biggest disappointment. Play for fun, for creating other winning combinations (which usually pay out well, too), free spins, bonus games and more! Good luck!

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