The Biggest Winnings Online in the History of Slots

Without a doubt, online casino wagering can be an exuberant activity, more so, if you partake in the progressive jackpot slot machines. Irrespective of whether you play video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and many others, there is a plethora of participants who have been fortunate enough to attain the incredibly large and life-changing cash prizes, and live to tell their unbelievable stories. Furthermore, the excitement of scoring a progressive jackpot under your belt, right from the comfort of your home, could not be more fulfilling. As such, we shall delve into the most prominent online slot payouts documented in history.

€7,437,199/ £6.23 million at BGO Casino

The Winning €7,437,199/ £6.23 million at BGO Casino

Towards the end of 2017 just before the New Year, a lucky winner called Wellzyc, received an enormous blessing in the form of €7,437,199/ £6.23 million. To his surprise, all he did was sign up at , log in using his portable gadget, place a small stake level of £1.25 in a single spin, and the most significant miracle took occurred. Thus, the prominent Mega Fortune game, made his wildest dreams come true. Being a first-time millionaire, the gentleman was dumbfounded, as he could not believe it. While his identity remains anonymous for security purposes, the father of two residing in Chesire County claimed that the first agenda on his list would be to visit the famous Disneyland alongside his entire family.

£3.5 million at PAF Casino

An incredibly fortunate sixty-two-year-old woman from Finland had her wildest dreams come true on the Mega Fortune Internet machine. On the 18th of January 2017, she made a small €/$ 1 wager and lo behold; she emerged as the stoked winner of a substantial £3.5 million. During an interview, the elderly lady made it clear that she was in utter shock, and that the whole ordeal felt quite unreal to her. Nevertheless, she told the interviewer that her initial plan was to take a long overdue vacation with her long-term husband. She also urges people to register on the platform, as she now firmly believes that it may be one of the best sites to win money online. Therefore, this is valid proof that no matter how often you visit a web-based gaming parlor, all it takes is one small bet to make a life-changing difference.

€6.25 at Tipico Mobile Gaming Site

On 25th April 2017, a member of Tipico Mobile Gaming Site, became the profound champion of €6.6 million, with a wager of only €6.25, which changed his outlook on life forever. Despite maintaining anonymity, the reward is indeed one for the books, as it became the most profound win in a Mobile casino. What is more is that two months prior, another gambler came out of the woodworks with a profitable €6 million. As such, what we can decipher from this is that the jackpot rewards occurred via a portable device, which thereby validates that an abundance of players relishes in wagering from the comfort of their homes, or while on the move, as they go about their day-to-day lives. Furthermore, with the skyrocketing popularity of Mega Moolah, there are no limitations as to what the progressive grand prize may be in future.

€6,078,249 at Captain Cook’s Mobile Gaming Parlor

On 16th January 2018, a gaming champion called NC, who was a beginner at the time, walked away with €6,078,249 worth of gambling winnings, after which he had the broadest Kool-Aid smile on his face. The Welcome package of this platform was offering members one hundred ways to win, with a small fee of €5. He then took up the promotion and as he did, and never would he have imagined that something so magnificent would happen to him. Hence, it was on the date mentioned above and with only €0.50 worth of wagers, that he would become the millionaire he is today.

€3.7 million at Tipico

After the winning of the last massive grand prize in April (as mentioned earlier), the famous and highly recommended slot game gave birth to another champion on the 26th May 2017. As you know, after the previous reward of €6.25 million started, the pot started again from zero, and quickly gathered €3.7 million which a Norwegian player walked away with, after making a bet of only $20. What is more is that he has had streaks of luck before that, since the casino staff members could attest to the fact that he has won smaller bankroll prizes amounting to approximately €45,000. Statistics have proved that this favorite machine at Tipico has birthed five winners consecutively in five months. Hence, this also confirms that there will be more winners in future.

€17.5 million

betway 179

Jonathan Heywood. He was the UK participant that hit €17.5 million on 6th October 2015. The twenty-six-year-old soldier at the time put a bet of twenty-five pence per round. After the win of big money, Jonathan expressed how it all felt surreal, and that he would devote most of it to treating his ill father. Additionally, the acquisition of the jackpot took place at the reputable , where he received a ton of congratulations from the CEO Roger, as well as numerous staff members.

$3 million at Arabian Knights

Since it penetrated the industry more than a decade ago in 2005, this progressive game has accumulated payouts totaling to around $3 million. Furthermore, records have shown that at least one player scores a grand prize once every three months. In the current era, the most extensive history lies at nearly seven million Canadian Dollars. As is the case with a myriad of other lucrative games, ‘Arabian Knights’ prides itself on a Return-to-Player (RTP) of 95.2%.

$1.8 million at Major Millions

is a highly profitable game from Microgaming casino software, and has successfully pumped an influx of money into the bank accounts of a multitude of participants across the globe. With that said, the highest reward came about in 2012, with one successful gambler accumulating $1.8 million. Not too long ago, someone’s Easter weekend became as bright as the sun, with a gift of $284,000. On average, there is one Major Millions reward of approximately half a million dollars, that privileged participants attain, every two to three months.

$19 million at Major Web-based Poker Champions

$19 million at Major Web based Poker Champions

For a fact, Internet poker has created a fair share of stoked players. A report by Full Tilt (a famous web-based poker firm) unveiled a report which depicted that towards the end of 2014, a gambler called Dan Crates scored a monetary prize worth $2.8 million. Additionally, in 2013, the award of the highest web-based champion went to Niklas Heinecker who acquired more than $6 million in gambling profits. Nevertheless, no player has managed to top the mind-blowing world record of more than $19 million in earnings from relishing Internet poker, by none other than Phil Ivey.

€8.57 million

Alexander from Sweden – On 28th November 2015, thirty-year-old Alexander from Folkeautomaten, Sweden, emerged with a lucrative $9.57/€8.57 million courtesy of Mega Moolah. When commenting on his promptly acquired reward, the young gambler said that he was at a loss for words and all he could think of was celebrating the momentous occasion with his beloved wife. What is more is that before that incident, Netent’s CEO claimed that the firm had paid out grand prizes worth more than €14 in less than a month.

$8.7 million at Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods From Netent, one of the sharks in the wagering sector, Hall of Gods announced the latest winner of a whopping $8.7 million grand prize in June 2017, which was none other than a 47-year-old Norwegian participant, from the Folken Casino. He was also taking his chances on the high Norse slot with a pot of about $92 million.

$8.82 million at Zodiac

On the 28th August 2016, a mysterious gambler with the initials D.P. scored one of the most significant rewards amounting to $8.82 million. While his/her age and identity remains a secret, reports show that the gambler was using an iPad to play Mega Moolah on the Zodiac betting parlor. Additionally, D.P. was registered under the casino’s offer “Eight Chances to Become a Millionaire” (whereby users only needed to make a small $/€ 1 down payment), and indeed put it to good use.

$24/€17 million at PAF

How would you define luck? Could it be placing a stake level of twenty-five cents, to acquire a prize of $24/€17 million? Well, this is precisely what one victorious Scandinavia said. He said, “I laughed and had tears at the same time.” All he did was make his wager worth a few cents on 20th January 2013, on the Fortune game from Netent, and to his surprise, the odds worked in his favor. It was indeed a dream turned into reality.

$8.9 million at The Moolah game

Georgios M. – The Moolah game from Microgaming proves to be incredibly fulfilling, as mentioned earlier, given that a multitude of participants worldwide has received millions of profits from it. With that said, Georgios M happens to be one of them, since in the year 2009 he accrued $8.9 million at the River Belle web-based platform. With a burning passion for slots, the 36-year-old businessman from Greece, therefore, became the stoked champion of one of the biggest Microgaming cashouts of all time. His message to all players is not to lose hope, as it is the small moments that could end up altering your life.

$9 million at Betsson

Betsson – It is a wagering parlor with software from Net Entertainment, which paid out nearly $9 million in earnings to a player, back in April of 2015. While the champion chooses to stay anonymous on their gender and identity, this substantial figure will always be on record and serves as a motivation to other bettors out there.

As part of human nature, we all dream of attaining an unbelievable lump sum of bankroll, not to mention what we would be able to afford, and how it would considerably change our lives. While some of us dream, others dare to take a chance, with the mentality of having more to gain than lose. Therefore, wagering parlors provide precisely that; fun and an opportunity of attaining a huge win. What is more is that we live in an era whereby achieve some monetary gains is a tad bit easier, since you can access an online casino from the comfort of your house.

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