Top 3 Destinations in the World to Gamble Offline

While some like beach holidays or wildlife safari, there are many people who like to go to places with the best casinos. However, gambling laws are not the same in every jurisdiction, neither are the casinos. So here we have the 3 best destinations in the world, where you can truly enjoy gambling or gaming.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The very word “casino” is synonymous with Las Vegas and vice versa. For the largest city of Nevada State in the US, it’s a lavish mega casino resort, and hotels are still known for being the world’s best for over half of the century. Vegas is all about endless entertainment, where the party never stops.

What’s Worth Visiting Las Vegas

Despite being known as the prime destination for gambling, the city has something for everyone. Casino hotels are packed with many other attractions from shopping, clubbing, food or nightlife. Other than the Las Vegas Strip, which is the long stretch of street, passing by the world’s best casinos and entertainment zones, there are many local and cheaper downtown casinos you can enjoy “gaming” (locals don’t say gaming, instead of gambling). So if you are a sole non-gambling tourist lost in a group of gamblers, you have ample reason to feel awesome in Vegas.

What Is So Special About Gambling in Las Vegas

Almost all Vegas casinos serve free drinks to players, regardless of the amount of money they are willing to spend. Once you are in, you are a part of the club. The waiters round the floor, bringing cocktails or mohito for guests, while you are deciding how many pennies you are willing to invest. A word of advice: be courteous in tipping the waiters with a dollar or two.

If you don’t know how to gamble, you can get free tutorials from the casinos in a friendly and detailed manner.

What Are the Most Famous Casinos in Las Vegas

The Bellagio; Wynn Encore, Mandalay Bay Resort, The Venetian and The Cosmopolitan, are among the top luxury destinations. Or you can have a ball with the downtown casinos like Golden Nugget, El Cortez or Binions with equal pleasure.

What Celebrities Enjoy Visiting Las Vegas

The Palms and The Bellagio are the prime destinations to bump into a celebrity or Hollywood star every now and then. Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi among many other stars frequent The Strip.

Where to Stay in Vegas

The most tempting place to stay in Vegas’ is, of course, any of the prime hotels at The Strip as far as accommodation goes, you will have something for filthy rich to standard budgets. However, if it’s about “living in Vegas” you can live anywhere… travel on the 24/7 open air buses or catch a nap on one of the roadside benches. Everything is okay here.

How to Travel to Las Vegas

You will get direct flights from London or other cities in the UK to Vegas.

Macau, China

Macau is the pre-eminent gambling capital in the world. This special administrative region in Hong Kong, China is the only place in the country where gambling is legal. With the advent of large-scale Vegas casinos like Wynn Macau or The Venetian Macau and Austrian Crown Plaza opening up their flagship houses in Macau, the city gained a tremendous growth, even surpassing Vegas Strip as the richest casino revenue.

What’s Worth Visiting Macau

Like Vegas Strip, Macau has its Cotai Strip which is housed with some mega casinos largely appointed by international houses from Las Vegas and Australia. There is the availability of all kinds of games from blackjack, roulette, poker to slot machines. Macau can be more expensive as compared to Vegas; it’s usually the rich man’s lavish holiday destination. Today, Macau has a total of 38 casinos all are top notch, high profile. Moreover, it is a city to see, perched on the shores of the East China Sea.

What Is So Special About Gambling in Macau

The Macau Government aspires to attract tourists for varied attractions other than gambling. So while you are in China, you have the ample opportunity to have a taste of experiencing the world’s first class casinos. What makes Macau special is that you get to have best of both worlds, wherein in one hand you can have the best of Vegas style experience and on the other experience the oriental environment and culture of the Chinese city.

What Are the Most Famous Casinos in Macau

The most iconic casinos in Macau include Casino Lisboa, Altira Macau, The Sands and MGM, as well as aforementioned Wynn, Venetian casinos, among at least 30 other places across the city.

What Celebrities Enjoy Visiting Las Vegas

Sylvester Stallone, Nicole Kidman, all had enjoyed their holidays in Macau. Leonardo DiCaprio had come over to launch of Studio City hotel and casino. So the best thing that these celebs enjoy in Macau is perhaps to experience the oriental culture at the same time have a slice of Vegas lifestyle.

Where to Stay in Macau

If you are filthy rich, you can stay at any of the luxury first-class hotels, at the Cotai Strip. And if you are looking for budget-friendly options, you can check out the several standard hotels, hostels, and guest houses that are decent and comfortable.

How to Travel to Macau

You can take a flight directly to Macau International Airport. Or go the traditional way by landing at Hong Kong, and take a road trip or a ferry to your desired destination.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is among the top 3 Gambling destinations in the world, largely for the exquisite location it occupies, its glamour and legend. Located on the deep blue French Riviera coastline and amazing natural beauty, Monte Carlo has been, for numerous times and avid reasons, featured in Hollywood movies and television from James Bond to Oceans 11 and 12.

What’s Worth Visiting for

The Monte Carlo Casino is the gambling complex that is world famous for its classy lavishness. You must have seen in the movies… it’s all real. Above all, it’s for experiencing the poetic aura of the city that is worth visiting for.

What Is So Special About Gambling in Monte Carlo

There is are the Place du Casino, and the Grand Theater de Monte Carlo opera house, and a rather lesser number of gaming houses that are legendary places, with a royal history. You will find all kinds of European and American casino games and slot machines.

What Are the Most Famous Casinos in Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo, Casino Café de Paris and Monte Carlo Bay Casino.

What Celebrities Enjoy Visiting Monaco

Monte Carlo is a famous celebrity destination from Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock to James Bond visit the city for work and pleasure. From cruising, gambling to world class dining are the best things to enjoy.

Where to Stay

A number of contemporary hotels and resorts are there that cater to lavish and standard living.

How to Travel

Since there is no international airport in Monte Carlo or Monaco, you can land on the Cote d’Azur airport in France, which is about 24 km away from Monaco. From there, you can catch a train or even a helicopter to Monte Carlo.


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