Top Affiliate Gaming Conferences In 2018

If you are an avid gamer, attending affiliate marketing conferences and events is something that should be part of your annual plans. By attending the conferences, you’ll have a unique chance to associate with creative and innovative individuals from across the globe. Through interactions with fellow attendees, you can easily develop a good relationship with people from within the gaming community at large.

And if you run a business or you are a part of a marketing team, affiliate conferences pose an advantage of boosting your brand’s recognition. As you already know, visibility can increase your sales hence escalate your profits. Additionally, if you are a part of a start-up in this industry, such conferences are great at building a strong foundation for your organization or business which will create much influence in the markets. If you’ve been seriously thinking about attending some conference for whatever reason, here is a hand-picked list of the top affiliate gaming conferences that you should visit in 2018.

Affiliate Summit West, Las Vegas – 7–9th January 2018

Affiliate Summit West, Las Vegas   7–9th January 2018

Start the year in style by attending one of the most influencing conferences in affiliate marketing. You’ll have access to over 70 ‘heated’ sessions held by over 100 experienced speakers. Join over 6,000 attendees to benefit from the conference. There’s so much to learn that you shouldn’t miss out in 2018. You’ll interact with developers from various gaming industries who come to meet technology firms, agencies, media owners, traffic sources, online publishers, bloggers, advertisers, global brands, networks, and other solution providers. One of the most amazing hits for the event is a 3-trade show area packed with over 300 exhibitors and sponsors. If you miss it, since it’s quite early in the year, ensure you make sufficient plans so that you can attend the 2019 installment.

Ludicious Zürich Game Festival 2018, Zürich, Switzerland – 18-21st January 2018

Ludicious Zürich Game Festival 2018, Zürich, Switzerland – 18 21st January 2018

Just in case you are a young and exuberant developer looking to soar to greater heights, here’s a cool event for you to attend. It’s all about showcasing some fine original games that have been developed by new entrants into the gaming business. As usual, there will be more experienced minds with solid professional insights that will open your mind to some fresh ideas. Attend this event to learn more about the gaming industries and take advantage of networking as well.

Affiliate Summit Europe, London, UK – 6-7th February 2018

Affiliate Summit Europe, London, UK – 6 7th February 2018

Get ready to join over 3,000 affiliates in the Affiliate Summit West London edition where you’ll attend a three-day conference full of networking insights for your business. There’s much to learn and gain in business networking. This is one of those events that has changed lots of businesses because of the kind of benefits and knowledge that is gained within those two days. If you haven’t reserved your ticket yet, you better make hay while the sun shines!

ICE Totally Gaming 2018, Excel, London – 6- 8th February 2018

ICE Totally Gaming 2018, Excel, London – 6  8th February 2018

ICE Totally Gaming is a major gaming conference where industry professionals come to combine both online and offline gaming ideas. The event will be hosting over 30,000 attendees from over 150 countries. If you want to learn more about limited strategy gaming and the likes, save your spot already as time is running out with every minute that passes.

London Affiliate Conference, excel, London – 7th -10th February 2018

London Affiliate Conference, excel, London   7th  10th February 2018

Join over 3,500 affiliates in attending the London Affiliate Conference and Financial Partners Expo 2018 for an amazing gaming event 2018. There is a lot to learn about from the three-day programme about networking in the industry. You’ll also enjoy amazing exhibitions from over 1,500 presenters with the potential to blow your mind. This is indeed an event that you should visit especially since entry to the iGB affiliate awards is free of charge!

White Nights Conference, Prague, Czech Republic – 13- 14th February 2018

White Nights Conference, Prague, Czech Republic – 13  14th February 2018

This is one of the most popular gaming events that you’ll ever have a chance to attend. Join this conference to come together with the world’s best game developers. The conference itself is an exhibition where gaming industries come to meet investors, publishers, and partners from various platforms. In attendance will be over 4000 affiliates with plenty of ideas to exchange.

GEEK – Meet, Make Play, Margate, Kent – 16-18th February 2018

GEEK – Meet, Make Play, Margate, Kent   16 18th February 2018

This mainly presents itself as an opportunity for you to have fun with your family but it also holds a lot of affiliate marketing potential. As the name suggests, it’s all about meeting, making and playing games from the word go. Attend this expo to have a view of a great variety of playable consoles that will keep you in awe and excitement.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, Geneva, Switzerland – 21 February 2018

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, Geneva, Switzerland   21 February 2018

Join other affiliates for a conference and exhibition event at the Grand Hotel Kempinski that will bring together various individuals to share cryptocurrency and gaming ideas. These include blockchain evangelists, entrepreneurs, developers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, lawyers, and investors. If you are fascinated by how the digital currencies are changing internet gaming, you should book your ticket as soon as possible!

GSMA Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain – 26th February – 1st March

GSMA Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain – 26th February   1st March

As the name suggests, this is the world’s biggest gathering for mobile industries. It’s normally held at Barcelona at the Mobile World Capital. This attracts a good number of affiliates from all corners of the globe, and therefore, it’s worth attending. Join over 108,000 attendees flying in from over 208 countries to experience a great mobile exhibition from about 2300 exhibitors representing different mobile industries. That indeed answers your question as to why it’s a whole 4-day activity. It’s pretty long, but for sure, no one has ever left the event with any regrets.

European Online Gaming Forum 2018, London, UK – February 2018

European Online Gaming Forum 2018

This gaming event is based on identifying solutions to compliance regulations as well as dealing with the issues and challenges of the international gaming business. For instance, the subject of the usage of digital currencies is one of the hot topics to be looked at. If you have been yearning for a chance to learn more about cryptocurrencies in online gaming, then this is it!

iGaming Asia Congress 2018, Macau – March 2018

iGaming Asia Congress 2018, Macau   March 2018

Top specialists in the sports betting industry of Asian markets, online and mobile betting, lottery and social betting divisions will be among over 300 special attendees of this event. The main topics in the agenda of the event include the newest developments in the gaming industry, plans that can help developers stay on top of their game, marketing, streamlining payment options and much more.

Ad Tech, New Delhi, India – 8-9th March 2018

Wondering how India secured a place to host one of the most influential digital conferences? Well, did you know that India has over 500 million internet users? That gives it its second place in internet consumption beating a number of well-developed countries. Join thousands of affiliates to this digital conference hosting a number of media, technology and marketing individuals where ideas and innovations will be shared for the empowerment of the world’s digital economy. Do you want to be part of the revolution that internet gaming is undergoing? Well, this is your golden opportunity to visit Ad Tech.

Mobile Beach Conference, Odessa, Ukraine – 19 -20th May

clickky_mobile_beach_club_2017_announcement min

Don’t miss out of 2017’s most fruitful conference hosting world’s top innovators. Join your fellow affiliates to gain from numerous ground-breaking ideas such as computer vision, virtual reality, augmented reality and programmatic inventions. It is through such technology that the gaming industries are being pushed to a whole new level. This is one of those gaming events that you should not miss.

Casual Connect Europe, London, UK – 29 – 31st May

Casual Connect Europe, London, UK – 29 – 31st May

It’s among the finest gaming conferences that give you access to the gaming industries’ top developers. The brightest minds of the gaming world come to share innovative discovery and at the same time, search for partners, publishers, and distributors from various world platforms. There will be over 100 speakers who’ll be giving their ideas about technological advances plus thoughts on emerging markets such as e-sports, social casino, game designs, funding, and other next-generation technologies.

SXSW Gaming Awards – 15-17th March 2018

SXSW Gaming Awards 2018

Join a number of developers and affiliates in celebrating the gaming culture at SXSW Gaming through a myriad of award shows, panels, e-sport tournaments hand-on play and exhibitions, etc. You’ll also benefit from the inspirational speeches from a number of developers who will be attending. This is not only a gaming event but also a festival where you can have plenty of fun.

ASEAN Gaming Summit 2018, Conrad Manila, Philippines – 20-22nd March 2018

ASEAN Gaming Summit 2018

ASEAN Gaming Summit is a major gaming event that brings together over 24 countries to share ideas about online gaming industries. As widely advertised, the man aim of the organizers of this event is to bring together their delegates, speakers, and sponsors in an exciting event that will enlighten the gaming community at large.

Betting on Football 2018 (#bofcon2018), Stamford Bridge, London – 20 – 23rd March 2018

Betting on Football 2018

Betting on Football is the 5th largest international football and betting trade conference that will be held in. This is a gaming event worth visiting as there are lots of things to learn and appreciate especially about the betting aspect as a part of being a great football fan. You should also be on the lookout for a couple of skilled football players from popular teams, and you may just get an autograph from your star!

iGaming Super Show – 17th- 20th July 2018

iGaming Super Show

Three of the most popular gaming events; EiG, iGaming Super Show and Amsterdam Conference; will join forces in 2018 to hold a grand gaming event known as the iGB Live. This is a major event that was decided to be held in a single event in order to enable affiliates from all over the world to have access to the most valuable gaming insight at a go. Join over 4,000 affiliates from over 100 countries in witnessing the world’s largest iGaming event to network and gain some solid tips in the process.

Affiliate world Europe, Barcelona, Spain- 18-20th July 2018

Affiliate world Europe

Attend a three-day conference to gain innovative ideas, new insights, and data-driven knowledge on affiliate marketing. In attendance will be over 30 speakers and 3000 attendees from over 80 countries. Interact with a number of well-recognized marketers and a bunch of inspiring speakers on enhanced networking opportunities. The sale of tickets is already in progress. Don’t miss out!

Betting on Sports Conference 2018, London, UK – September 2018

Betting on Sports Conference 2018, London, UK   September 2018


This is one of the chief worldwide events in the sports betting industry. With over 100 inspirational speakers, 30 gaming industry exhibitors and over 800 affiliates, this is the place to be. You’ll have access to six events of unlimited networking opportunities in gaming for the two-day conference as well as an opportunity to relate to gaming industry experts from all over the world.

Global Gaming Expo 2018 (G2E), Sands Expo Centre, Las Vegas, USA – October 2018

Global Gaming Expo 2018

Get a chance to learn more about online networking when you attend the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. You’ll also have access to an exhibition on table games as well as slots and several arcade games available. During this event, also be award ceremonies that you’ll have access to.

Parting Shot

Having read this post, you now know where to be and for what purpose in 2018. The above-mentioned affiliate conferences are the ones that should come first on your to-do list as an affiliate. You’ll have access to innovative visions, new connections and amazing technologies all to your reach. You’ll also enjoy inspirational conversations with thousands of speakers, affiliates, and exhibitors.

If you are a developer, you can also meet developers from different gaming industries worldwide and thus access some great ideas that could bring forth the next big thing. If you’re that affiliate who wants to develop a well-built organization that earns its influence in the markets, then you should make a point of attending at least one of them. Simply book an event of your liking before time runs out. Just in case you miss any of the events, bookmark them for attendance come 2019 as they are mostly held on an annual basis. For those who have had a taste of any of the above events, feel free to share your experiences right here in the comments section. Isn’t 2018 an eventful year full of excitement for the gaming industry?

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