Pachisuro – well-known slot machine in Japan

Sometimes different countries around the world produce their own, non-traditional kinds of gambling, which reflect the local culture. Such is the case with Japan and the pachisuro machines.

Pachisuro slots have evolved from the traditional pachinko machines (a game of chance resembling pinball). One could call pachisuro a mix between pachinko and classic Vegas-style slots. Since the Japanese are very patriotic, the parlors offering these more traditional gambling machines are more popular than the western-styled ones.

Pachisuro is similar to slots in that the goal is to collect the same symbols and icons on the three reels of the machine. But the reels don’t spin in the traditional way – instead a small steel ball from japanese pachinko online has to slide down through a series of pegs and collect the winning combo. Plus there are some very unique features as well, like Tenjo, which is sort of a payout guarantee – it shows the number of games during which the jackpot will be definitely hit. Also they have a feature called Stock, which is a delayed collected bonus, and Renchan, which is what we call a multiplier and comes up to 5000x.

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