Japanese slot machines

Las Vegas-style casinos are not very popular in Japan, but the Japanese are still quite fond of gambling. They just prefer betting and slot machines. There are many parlors scattered throughout the country devoted to Japanese slot machines, and they are crowded around the clock.

Instead of the classic slot machines we all know, the local population prefers other, typical for Japan slot machines, namely pachinko and pachisuro. They have a loyal following and can be found virtually in any city, even in the smallest remote ones.

Pachinko is one of the oldest gambling machines in the world – it’s a game of chance which resembles pinball, but is played with stakes, which often go high. It boasts extreme popularity in Japan and there are hundreds of variations of pachinko slots, all brightly decorated with hundreds of flashing lights.

Pachisuro is what one could call a true representative of the Japan slots. A mix between pachinko and western fruit machines, it looks exotic but is easy to figure out and play. The same steel ball as in pachinko falls down the pegs, but this time there are reels in the background and the goal is to collect symbol combinations. Pachisuro machines are almost as popular as their older counterpart, and are famous for their generosity – the payout percentages start at 90% and often go as high as 160%!

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