You should love casino bonuses because they do a lot of things: Adding free credits to your account, awarding free spins, offer a chance to win cash prizes with weekly draws… Casino bonuses offer a different advantage to every member. New members can make a quick start with the no deposit bonus. Those who like slots can win real profits by using free spin rights. You can even get invited to real world events too. In short, bonus offers are important to all players, and the casinos that offer them are preferred. However, some offers are only available for loyal customers who like to place big bets: the high roller bonus casinos is the most known example of this.

What is a High Roller Casino Bonus?

Actually, it is possible to guess the content from the name. This promotion appeals to players who like to keep their stakes high. So if you are playing with a small budget, this offer is not for you. Players who place large bets also take high risks: The casinos reward and promote this behavior with the high roller bonus (HRB for short).

This promotion is available at almost any casino because members who like to spend a lot of money are valuable and important for every place. However, you can usually see the content of HRB only after you become a member and have placed a certain amount of bets. As an example, a standard high roller offer looks like this:

  • %100 High Roller
  • Minimum Deposit: XXXX USD/EUR
  • Wager requirements: 20X

So, what does this information mean? The “100%” at top of the list means that the money you deposit will be matched by the casino in full amount. So if you deposit for example 750 EUR, your account will get credited for another 750 EUR. However, there are two conditions for this: You must deposit a minimum of XXXX and make a bet with a 20x rate.

In other words, high roller is actually a match promotion. However, rates are much higher and there are more conditions. In some cases, the offer is limited to certain games only. These are usually card games, such as poker and blackjack. Likewise, most places will require a special code for claiming this bonus. You can easily find codes of this kind on the internet. The good news is, a standard match promotion is subject to an upper limit. HRB is not: Even if you deposit thousands of dollars, for example, you will still get a full match of %100.

How to Find a High Roller Bonus Casino?

It is not hard to find such a bonus playing casino, as we have mentioned above, almost every place has such a reward system. However, these are not promotions advertised on the main page, you cannot see most of them without becoming a member first. Even some members cannot see some of the offers, you need to have an interest in card games and place big bets on these games. Only after that, you will start to get HRB offers.

For this reason, the best way to find such casinos is to read the reviews. Information about bonuses and terms of use are included in the reviews – if you choose the quality ones, of course. You can see the best offers as a list and easily choose the one that suits you best.

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