Nobody knows who invented poker, but we know it appeared for the first time during the 19th century in Mississippi, America. At that time, there were no casino buildings, the steamboats roamed through the states worked like a mobile casino. Poker first appeared on these ships and soon spread to America and then to the whole world. The original version was played with only 20 cards. The 53-card decks appeared in 1850. It was not just a card game: It needed strategy and talent. It was easy to learn, difficult to master.

Nowadays poker is played at all casinos around the world and it is one of the most popular casino games. Even poker tournaments are organized on a constant basis and winners receive cash prizes worth of millions of dollars. You can play poker with real money in online casinos and earn money while enjoying a pleasant time. And with the help of bonuses, this experience can be much more fun and profitable.

Poker Bonuses for New Players

Almost all casinos offer a variety of bonuses to new players. The most common one is the “welcome bonus”. This offer is also known as “poker bonus no deposit” and “poker no deposit bonus”. As can be understood from these names, you do not have to pay anything to the casino to take advantage of this offer. Just sign up for a new an account as a new member, and then your account will receive a certain amount of money, for free. The amount of this money is not fixed and every casino has a different practice. Most casinos are offering an amount between $ 10 and $ 20. However, newly opened casinos may offer hundreds of dollars from time to time, to gain interest.

With this “free” money, you can play poker and make a profit. However, it is mandatory that you reach a certain level of betting limit before you can withdraw your winnings. For example, you are required to place a minimum bet of $ 200 in at least 20 different games. Only then you can transfer your winnings to your bank account.
Sometimes it is possible to see that offers such as “poker no deposit bonus uk” in form of a match bonus. In this case, you are required to make a minimum payment in order to take advantage of the offer. The casino will match the same amount. For example, a promotion like “Deposit Match 100%, limited 100 USD” means that every deposit you make will get matched by the same ratio, and the upper limit is $ 100. For example, deposit 50 USD and get another 50 USD for free.

Bonus Offers for Returning Players

No deposit bonus poker offers are not available to current members. As we mentioned above, no deposit poker is just a promotion for new members. It can be used only once and the goal is to reach potential customers. Current members cannot take advantage of this offer, but it is possible to say that they are more advantageous than beginners. Because the proposals presented to them are always active. These are usually weekly and monthly promotional campaigns. Some examples:

  • Cashback Bonus: On a particular day of the week, a certain percentage of the money you lost while playing is returned to your account. For example, if you lose 200 dollars, you get 20 dollars back. Usually this rate does not exceed 10%.
  • Prize Draws: These are draws that all members can participate. They are usually held every month and the winning member gets a cash prize.
  • VIP Status: You can earn VIP member status after a certain period and again after spending a certain amount of money. Members in this status receive some private and personal offers. For example; their betting limits increase, free chips are given to use in games, etc. It’s even possible to be invited to poker tournaments in the real world.

Please note that each online casino has different promotions for former members. These are the most common campaigns, but the advantages you can get as a loyal customer vary from casino to casino. In other words, you need to examine all these beforehand.

Where to Find the Best Poker Games and Instant Bonuses?

It can be quite difficult for your own to do this job. You will need to review all online casinos, even become a member and try the place for a certain period. You may find this very difficult to do in terms of time and budget. Do not waste time with these and start playing as soon as possible: The Slotozilla team offers you this chance. We find, explore and review the best online casinos you can play poker and all other games. Our reviews are impartial and professional. Our team members have many years of experience in the industry and know what to look for. Don’t waste time anymore, start playing this card game right now in a reputable and respectable place.

No Deposit Needed: Play Your Way

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