Bally Casinos

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Bally Manufacturing Corporation is the oldest company in the gambling industry. It began in the 1930’s by a team of Joel Linehan, Roy Moloney and Charles Weldt. The company was diverse at the time; it dealt with pinball games, sewing machines, gun-sights, dispensing machines, television remotes, children amusement park rides and all that could bring in the dollar. At the time the organization was referred to as Lion Manufacturing. The early 30’s were the era of the First World War; lion Manufacturing was contracted to make detonator fuses. Driven by the high demand Lion was selling 40,000 plus fuses in a week.

The war was soon over, and the team shifted focus back to the gambling industry. The fastest consumed good was the pinball game machine which sold an average 60,000 units in the first year of production. Triggered by such unexpected success, Roy Moloney who led the team envisioned the future of gambling under Bally’s, and he gave full attention to the gambling industry. Roy Moloney passed on in 1957; this event briefly brought the Company to a standstill with internal wrangles on succession.

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