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Playing slot machines for free is good and dandy – yet, free slots are not enough for online slots for real money lover. Free slot games offer an enjoyable time without asking for a thing in return, but they lack the most important feature of them all: the risk. Taking risks for big payouts is what makes real money slots gambling exciting after all, but there are no risks in free slot games.

So, we believe the “practice” time is over, and you should move on to the “big boys league”, where you play real money slots from the best developers like: PlayTech, NetEnt, Microgaming etc!

Let’s be honest, playing online or mobile real money slots deffers from the no deposit one and for a risky guy the second is not waste of time after all. You may be getting a good time, but that’s it – nothing to gain from it. So the real money slot machines – that’s a different story as you can take risks and get much more from your acting.

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How to Choose the Best Slots to Play & Win Real Money

Now, as a free slots player, we are sure that you already know the basics. But do you know how to choose the best slots to play and win real money? Let’s take a closer look at the slot features and how can we use them to our advantage.

High RtP Makes More Money For You

Payout Percentage. The most important feature you need to look for before start playing real money slots in the random casino – is the payout percentages. You didn’t notice them before, right? Well, you need them now – in fact, never start playing a slot game before checking it’s RtP (return to player) values. These are usually written in the paytables of the games.

RtP Value. If you manage to find a game with a RtP value of 97% and higher, immediately start playing – you literally hit the jackpot. Slot machines with a payout percentage of 94% and lower aren’t worth the risk; stay away from them. Between 94% and 97% is fine too, in fact, most of the slot games you find will have these values.

The Advantages. Let’s reveal the positive sides of real slot machine games. What is this value for? If we skip the mathematical details, slot games with high RtP values are better because your payouts are higher. This value is not about winning odds; never forget that. Basically, a slot machine with 97% RtP value will return 97% of every dollar played through it.

The example. Microgaming’s classic slot games (fruit slots) have a RtP percentage of 96.50. The best example for this is the Caesar’s Empire slot game; its RtP value is 97.50%. Another example is the Golden Tour slot from Playtech, it offers a RtP value of 97.71%. Developed by NetEnt – software provider Blood Sucker slot even reach a RtP percentage of 98.

Online Slots With Scatter and Wild Symbols Return More Payouts

The second important thing to look for while preparing to play the online slot machines for real money is the wild and scatter symbols. You know what they do – this time, you are looking for slot games with high symbol payouts. Let us clarify: in most slot games, wild symbols and scatter symbols also have a payout value, like other symbols in the game.

Find the slot games which has this feature and find the ones with bigger payout values amongst them. Remember, scatter symbol pays wherever it lands on reels and if it has a high payout, this is an advantage.

For example, in Big Kahuna slot game by Microgaming, scatter symbols pay as multiplier values and five scatters award you with 200X total stake. Again, Microgaming’s Centre Court slot is even better: scatters in this game pay 2.500X total bet.

The Range of Available Stakes

When it comes to placing your stakes at the slot machine, you have two variable factors: the number of coins that represent your bet and the size of the coins you plan to put on the table. Depending on the game you decided to play in online slots for real mpney, you can put a predefined number of coins, each with allowed size. If you play a regular slot machine with defined number of paying lines, you need to select how many active lines will be.

To calculate the total amount of your bet, you need to multiply the number of active pay lines with other factors explained above. For example, you can bet from 1 to 10 coins in Microgaming’s Diamonds are a Spinner’s Best Friend, valued anywhere in the range $0.01 to $0.05. The game has 25 reels, and your minimum bet will be $0.25, and the maximum stake of 10 coins worth $0.50 would cost you $125.

Reduce Your Risks – Skip Big Jackpot Slots

The last thing to remember if you play free real slots for real money is staying away from the big jackpot games. Sure, a jackpot of millions of dollars sound very tempting, but your winning odds are significantly lower in those types of machines.

Try to find slot games with the smallest jackpots. These games payback at a higher percentage, so always play the highest denomination slot available. And always, always play with maximum bet levels. Most of these machines have more than one paytable, and winning the maximum payout requires to bet maximum values. QuickHit series from Bally (QuickHit Platinum, for example) and Diamond series from IGT (Triple Diamond for example) are the best examples of this.

Real Money Casinos

You read the tactics, now it is time to choose an online casino to use them. We already know what your next question will be: how to choose the best online casino to play slots for real money? This is harder than you think, because there are literally thousands of casino sites over the internet. Before entering into the “jungle”, you should be looking for these:

Check the gambling license. As a general rule, online casinos licensed by UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority are more secure and trustworthy. These are the strictest licensing agencies in the word, and they monitor the licensees on a frequent basis. Of course, this doesn’t mean that online casinos with other types of licenses aren’t trustworthy. But always check the reputation of these “other” casinos before depositing money in them.

Check the payout percentage. Like slot games, online casinos have a payout percentage too. It is literally the same thing and of course, choosing the casino with higher RtP values is a wise thing. Most casinos reveal this percentage on their home pages, some prefer not to. But the value is there – check for the terms & conditions page to find it.

Check the bonuses. All casinos offer them – welcome bonus, deposit bonus, cashback bonus, match bonus… While checking these, don’t fall for the beauty of bigger numbers. That amazing “400% BONUS” probably requires at least seven deposits and blood of your first-born – always read the “small prints”. Remember; welcome bonuses are good things but they can be claimed one time only. Finding a casino with constant and small bonuses is a better idea.

Check the customer support. A serious and trustworthy online casino should have more than one way to offer customer support and at least one of them must be available 24/7.

Read the rest of our guide. We already prepared a list of best online casinos for you – just click on their banners and start playing in mere seconds.

The Bonuses for Real Money Casinos

In order to attract new players and retain their regular customers, many reputable casino operators often decide to offer “free” money in the form of different bonuses. No deposit bonus is probably one of the most attractive in the industry, and as the name suggests, you are not required to make any monetary participation to use it.

The only thing you need to do is to register your account at the casino and once the registration process is completed, you can utilize your bonus. Still, you have to read all the instructions, because you aren’t in a position to withdraw that money directly to your bankroll without completing some wagering requirements first.

The same goes for the bonus on your first and other deposits – you have to play with that money for a defined number of times and if lucky enough and only then you’re allowed to take advantage of any winnings from the bonus.

Personal Data Security

Only licensed online casinos, which have the proper and valid license are regulated and legitimate, can be considered reliable in terms of security and justice. You can be absolutely sure that any casino that owns a valid license issued in countries such as Gibraltar, Malta, Alderney and Kahnawake respect the current industry standards and are safe enough for your online casino experience.

The most reputable casino operators such as Playtech and Microgaming use the 128-bit SSL encryption to protect both your personal information and money transactions. They also have different seals of approval posted on a visible place on their websites, so you can always read more about it to make sure the online casino meets your demands in the terms of safety and security. Regular annual audits are also performed to make sure your valuable data is not transferred to any third party.

The Payment Methods

Recently, online casinos implemented all the modern options while providing the accepted and widespread methods of payment. You can make your deposit in several ways, according to your choice: credit cards (Visa, Master Card), e-wallet, bank check or other options (PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney). The same goes for the withdrawal of your winnings – you can utilize the same method as used to make a deposit.

Above mentioned methods are international and the worldwide players have unrestricted access to them. Some of the casino operators use regional or national payment methods, but in the combination with multi-national, so you have to make sure that you payment methods are available and see if there are methods that correspond to your needs.

Availability in Different Countries

Online casino can, theoretically, be located anywhere. All you need is the Internet, and of course, people who manage it all. However, some states prohibit this type of activity on its soil, while some countries allow all this, and even encourage online industry by giving them the appropriate licenses and benefits of this type of activity. Except for the players from Singapore, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia and Brunei, you can still play real slot machine games from the privacy of your home, without being prosecuted for that.

Countries like Mexico and Argentina, including some Asian countries, have recently started to improve their legislative, trying to make it possible to gamble online. Also, despite the industry growth, only three states in USA (Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey) made it legal. The majority of EU countries allow the gambling on the Internet, while some of them issue licenses and regulations for the reputable casino operators.

Enjoy Your Journey

As we mentioned above, real money slot games are a different kind of beast – they offer the “real” excitement. Being a responsible gambler is much like being a responsible consumer; don’t fall for the marketing slogans, always read the small prints, stay humble, and know what to look for. This guide aims to help you in becoming a better, more important, a responsible gambler. You have a wonderful journey in front of you and we are more than happy to help. Stay with us for more guides and thousands of slot games!

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