Gambling Horoscope 2015 Infographic

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What does your Zodiac sign suggest you in 2015? Give up reading palms, read your fortune from our Gambling Horoscope 2015 Infographic instead! You’ll find out your Zodiac lucky days and lucky numbers in Slotozilla lucky horoscope for each Zodiac sign. Take a chance, get free lucky directions with our exclusive Gambling Horoscope for 2015!

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Aries Lucky Horoscope

“Creative, strong-willed, passionate, ambitious, independent”

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19) is brave and venturesome, impatient for success. Give credence to your intuition and it won’t let you down. Aries is unstoppable while gambling, ready to go broke. Gambling Horoscope advises to face challenges with dignity and, follow your intuition

Lucky numbers for Aries: 7, 12
Lucky days: Tuesday, Sunday

Taurus Lucky Horoscope

“Persistent, patient, generous, stubborn”

TAURUS (Apr 20 – May 20) is ultimately reasonable zodiac sign. It’s very rare for Taurus to gamble and even if he does so he prefers seasoned methods and approaches. The best 2015 year option for Taurus is free for fun games available at online casinos. One spin, one hit!

Lucky numbers for Taurus: 16
Lucky days: Monday and Friday

Gemini Lucky Horoscope

“Inspirational, witty, energetic, restless”

GEMINI (May 21 – Jun 20) adores gambling and it’s no wonder: Gemini is blessed with good luck and fortune. They prefers poker or roulette. Gemini should learn some moderation basics since sometimes they place absolutely reckless bets which can result in losses. Guess what? Try playing free slots this year – no losses, no regrets.

Lucky numbers for Gemini: 5, 18
Lucky days: Wednesday, Sunday

Cancer Lucky Horoscope

“Conservative, loyal, sympathetic, traditional”

CANCER (Jun 21 – Jul 22) seeks for novelties and risks. Nevertheless, Cancer is a domestic sign and they won’t gamble for money. Cancer can play demo months long and don’t dare to bet minimum until they studies thoroughly the rules. Better safe than sorry – play for fun!

Lucky numbers for Cancer: 4, 8
Lucky days: Tuesday

Leo Lucky Horoscope

“Brave, analytical, confident, ambitious”

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22) doesn’t acknowledge gambling with moderation. If Leo plays they bet maximum and go easily for broke. Leo is totally convinced that they won’t lose. Taking into account Leo’s impatient natureLeo Gambling Horoscope recommends to try smth new this year. Free online games for instance.

Lucky numbers for Leo: 5, 9
Lucky days: Sunday

Virgo Lucky Horoscope

“Observant, precise, helpful, sceptical”

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22) is the least inclined to risk their money on gambling. Virgo usually prefers games where they can use analytical skills. In the forthcoming year we recommend you to stick to your game principles: analyze, consider thoroughly all pros and cons and bet. Meanwhile, get acquainted with free offerings such as free slot games for fun.

Lucky numbers for Virgo: 2, 6, 27
Lucky days: Wednesday

Libra Lucky Horoscope

“Bright, charming, solution-oriented, caring”

LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22) isn’t very enthusiastic about gambling. Libra is generous by nature, they likes risk-taking and wouldn’t mind spending a great amount of money. Libra can get easily frustrated during the play and end up in debt. Stars encourage Libras to avoid gambling for real money and try free play mode.

Lucky numbers for Libra: 9, 15
Lucky days: Saturday

Scorpio Lucky Horoscope

“Loyal, passionate, confident, dynamic”

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21) is an intelligent and intuitive player. Scorpio may bet maximum and hopping for a profitable win. They concentrates heavily on the game, possesses the ability to guess numbers and read the mind of their contenders. Scorpio doesn’t know how to lose and hates if so. Try absolutely safe for your wallet way of gambling – free slots online.

Lucky numbers for Scorpio: 8, 21
Lucky day: Tuesday

Sagittarius Lucky Horoscope

“Independent, self-controlled, philosophical, impatient”

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21) is born to gamble and fortune seems to favor them. It is one of the luckiest horoscopes of the Zodiac and adores adventures, fun. If things don’t work out don’t be quick to quit. Remember, patience is the key, keep your mind open. Give something new in the gaming a try this year. 3D free slots will match with your open-mindedness and adventurous temper.

Lucky numbers for Sagittarius: 3, 9
Lucky day: Thursday

Capricorn Lucky Horoscope

“Responsible, patient, ambitious, practical”

CAPRICORNS (Dec 22 – Jan 19) are very organized and careful players. They’re serious towards money and especially gambling. Capricorn doesn’t risk, but plays with a previously self-set amount of money. They are honest with their co-players and fortune favors bold and fair. Taking into account your practical temper, we recommend you trying free slots which will not only save your money but also entertain and tame your wish to gamble.

Lucky numbers for Capricorn: 5, 7
Lucky days: Tuesday

Aquarius Lucky Horoscope

“Clever, inventive, rebellious, stubborn”

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18) is very intuitive Zodiac sign. They hates following schemes, prefers diversity. Aquarius quickly gets bored with the same way of playing. Those born under this sign are extremely lucky and it is they who hit incredible jackpots. Mix playing money mode with playing for fun. Treat playing for fun as workout.

Lucky numbers for Aquarius: 2, 13
Lucky days: Wednesday

Pisces Lucky Horoscope

“Devoted, passionate, imaginative, indecisive”

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20) are very inventing players but at the same time easy manipulated since they’re very indecisive. Pisces don’t belong to money keeper. Fortune favors Pisces not so frequently. Since Pisces can be easily deceived we recommend abstaining from gambling for real money. Play free online slots instead: hours of free of charge fun and excitement.

Lucky numbers for Pisces: 7,12
Lucky day: Thursday

We hope you enjoyed our Gambling Horoscope 2015 Infographic. Share gambling predictions for the year ahead with your friends.

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