The UK Gambling Commission Has Unveiled the 2019 Young People Gambling Report

24 Oct 2019

The newly unveiled 2019 Young People and Gambling report has been officially published by the UK Gambling Commission. This survey has proceeded its investigation at the recent trends of gambling with individuals aged between 11-16 years old within the country of Great Britain.

This primarily takes a look at the types of gambling that young people belonging to this age group can legally take part in. Whether it is mobile games or other such methods, the investigation analysis the many forms of gambling and gambling style games that the young people are exposed to.

It is seen that the most common type of gambling that young people take part in is the type of betting between friends for money with 5% stemming from this method, 3% comes from traditional playing cards and the games that are involved with those.

Ipsos MORI was the main benefactor and primary researcher for the report. They have found evidence of other methods of gambling performed by young people. 3% of respondents purchased National Lottery scratch cards from local stores in the past week. A further 4% comes from playing slot machines arcade centers across the country within the same period.

The Executive Director of the Gambling Commission, Tim Miller, discusses the results from this report and what it could mean for the possible future.

“Most of the gambling covered by gambling report takes place in ways which the law permits, but we must keep working to prevent children and young people from having access to age restricted products,” he said.

As always, the main concern is to help create ways to reduce the risk of gambling-related disorders affecting young people or to minimize the damage if necessary. Already from this one year, there has been tightened regulations and requirements to prevent further access of these services towards young people.

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