Wazdan Has Released over 30 of Its Top Games to Romania Market

Wazdan has officially obtained its receipt of confirmation which states that it will be delivering its best games to players and online operators across Romania. Thirty of their top titles will be available to play across countless casino partners.

Wazdan has wished to expand its reach to Romania and has worked fast to secure this position during the beginning of March. After the company has received its official certification to do so, this allowed them to hand over games to an untapped market within a regulated European country.

This marks as the sixth European country that has been made accessible for Wazdan to allow their games open to. The first five countries that marked the beginning of Wazdan’s expansion were the UK, Sweden, Malta, Lithuania and Latvia. Other countries are currently still in progress, with Spain, Portugal and Denmark needing further requirements to be met in order for them to be made accessible. It has been confirmed that they will be made so later this year.

While the 30 games have made a humongous step into showcasing their best projects, Romania now remains open to further games to be released as Wazdan develops more. Players will be excited to receive a steady flow of games as the partnership continues, allowing them to enjoy the exclusive Wazdan features for as long as they wish.

The best part of Wazdan mechanics is that it allows players to customize and tailor their own, unique experiences with the games, providing options for all types of players to play how they wish. It implies changing the screen size or setting the speed of the reels.

Head of Sales at Wazdan, Andrzej Hyla, discussed the primary benefit of such an operation:

“We are delighted to offer to Romanian players and operators our pick of the top 30 best Wazdan games to mark this new market and set the foundations for strong relationships to come.”

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