Australia Has Now Issued a Ban on All Offshore Gambling Websites

12 Nov 2019

The communication authority within Australia has now made the decision to make all offshore gambling websites illegal, essentially blocking the country itself from accessing these sites online. The decision was made after recent findings found that $400 million are spent by the Australians on dodgy sites. It is especially difficult when trying to recuperate the winnings earned through all of the deposits made on these sites.

Once the ban has been taken into effect, the Australian Media Authority will be committing investigations into these in order for them to be authorized effective legal action against them. This also allows them to enforce more bans if the reports prove that more dodgy sites are causing further issues.

Paul Fletcher, the Federal Communications Minister within Australia, has investigated these finding himself. He has calculated that the country loses around $100 million in tax revenue every year from these sites. He discusses this rising concern himself by releasing the following statement soon after the ban was announced.

“Too often these offshore operators are defrauding Australians and their websites typically provide very few, if any, harm minimization controls,” Mr. Fletcher said.

The main objective of this new legislation is the hope of gaining more control over the gambling market in Australia. Not to mention minimizing the use of outside forces providing too much for them to monitor and analyze.

Back in 2015, there was a review committee by the NSW premier, Barry O’Farrell. The purpose of this review was to provide more recommendation to the government on how to handle the gambling industry better and more efficiently. This new ban will fulfil one of the three recommendations made by Barry in terms of legislative power.

There are hopes that the new ban will crack down on the proposed links to criminal organizations within Australian gambling and provide more protection to the customers.

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