The Latest Game from AvatarUX Delivers Sound and Prizes in PopRocks

The amazing game design brand, AvatarUX, in partnership with popular software developer Yggdrasil, have revealed their latest slot game creation. PopRocks gives you the sparkle of gemstones mixed with the reverberating sounds of mysticism and wonder, awarding the player with fantastic winnings that use new bonus features, developed by the tech savvy company.

PopRocks is to be the debut title for the exclusive PopWins series that AvatarUX is currently developing. This is also the second game that had been produced from its partnership with Yggdrasil and the YG Masters programme that is headed by the brand. PopRocks will deliver new gameplay that can’t be found anywhere else and will present massive opportunities for winning prizes. There is already over 33,614 ways for a player to win in this new game, which is bigger than many other slot games combined.

PopRocks is all about finding missing gems in a forgotten system and landing them together to see what they’re worth. Their special powers and arcane abilities give them unique bonuses that the player can take advantage of. Whenever a win is scored, the gems will pop and be replaced with two new symbols to take their place. The gems may also expand the reels themselves, providing new paylines to win on and more opportunities for prizes. These new features will certainly gain popularity after the success of the previous Yggdrasil/AvatarUX title, Lilith’s Inferno, which was released only last year.

Managing director at AvatarUX, Marcus Honney, discussed the excitement to come from this new entry to their portfolio:

“Immersive gameplay, cutting-edge design and bringing excitement to the market is what we pride ourselves on, and with its state-of-the-art technology, PopRock is a fantastic addition to any offering and is sure to keep players coming back for more.”

Stuart McCarthy from Yggdrasil is in full agreement and excitement with the potential of such a creative slot game.

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