Belarus Opens New Online Gaming Market and Welcomes Amatic

11 Nov 2019

Amatic Industries has just announced the new potential market to supply its collection of upcoming games to. The official certification has been issued by Belarus, allowing them to operate their gambling activity within this area. This marks Amatic as the first gambling company to gain a presence here from the outside.

The gambling market within Belarus received its official status in April 2019. This allows them to issue a gambling license to any provider they deem fit to operate under their laws. This makes them an incredibly rare and new opportunity for many aspects of the online gambling world.

The new target market means that more potential customers can be up for grabs. Amatic itself has already gained rising popularity from the work it has done over the past few years. They have even obtained a global market almost instantly, with surprises around them at every turn. Their games are equipped with the latest technologies, even for most mobile platforms. They are making their games convenient and easy to use for any who wish to partake in them.

A separate operator named N-Serve will be the authority that will launch the newest Amatic games within Belarus. They too will be benefiting greatly from the enhanced features and gameplay mechanics that Amatic provide for its players.

The Online Gaming Manager at Amatic, Tatjana Bauer-Engstberger, issued her following statement after the announcement was made.

“We have excellent testimonies from online casino operators around the world. Our games are now available to such operators in Belarus,” she said.

Their reputation has certainly earned them credit for their work, and they are overjoyed at this momentous occasion that has been given. They are reportedly looking forward to the further improvements that will be made with the help of the Belarus market.

With all this and more, it won’t be long until Belarus attracts many other casino suppliers within the industry. Amatic certainly has their head start, however.

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