London’s BET2020 Show Is Officially Canceled and Goes Online

20 Mar 2020

BET2020 Expo was excited to showcase its latest awards ceremonies and iGaming line-ups. However, due to the unfortunate coronavirus pandemic, the physical exposition has been officially canceled and will be replaced with a new, online format. The event will still be held on the 7th-9th April but will now be presented entirely online in order to reduce risk.

The BET2020 website issued the following statement regarding the matter:

“In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, the expo BET2020 which was supposed to be held on 7-9 April in London, is postponed until the world’s situations stabilize. Our top priority now is the safety and health of our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, partners and guests.”

This will be the first time that the show will be presented entirely online, thanks to improved social media and fast-paced technological innovations. There are plenty of digital options left to potential investors and exhibitors to showcase their works to an expanded public through online means.

This will include live chatrooms, Q and A sessions with live feedback, exchanging contacts with those met online and offering demos to be played through the official website. There are other downloadable resources that let players be more invested into the show with more options given to them in terms of interactivity and audience communication. Sponsors themselves will also still be able to advertise their products in these chat rooms or online presentations. They might be able to reach bigger audiences by utilizing their online brands on top of their physical adverts.

It is during this time that BET2020 encourages everyone to stay healthy during these trying times and to not be disheartened due to the outbreak and possible cancellations of future events. More details will be shared ands they promise to keep their exhibitors and viewers updated with any further news.

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