Cambodia Prime Minister Is Days Away from Issuing Online Gambling Ban

24 Dec 2019

The Prime Minister of Cambodia has declared that the ban on online gambling will come into effect immediately in just a few short days. The ban will be active from January 1st, 2020. After many hopeful chances of gaining a reprieve on the ban, these were nevertheless turned down by the overall vote.

The Prime Minister himself, Hun Sen, declared this with an official statement saying that online gambling will be gone for good in Cambodia. Any further comments that were made have been extinguished in the hopes that they would gain a reconsideration from the Prime Minister. However, it is certain that all forms of online gambling will be ending the moment 2019 comes to an end. No future gambling licenses will be issued.

One of the main reasons why the end of online gambling is a necessity for Cambodia was the reveal of a recent comment by the PM. This was made during the 8th Sea Festival at the Kampot province.

The Prime Minister stated: “If Cambodia’s economy continues to rely on online gambling, Cambodia’s national security will be compromised.”

This comes from the fear of illegal gambling activities taking place, which become fronts for money laundering and other related crimes. Many of these crimes come from organized groups that specifically come over to Cambodia in order to issue out the operations.

Many new licenses have been made to many new casinos that have been operating for quite some time. In just a few short years, Cambodia became the second-largest online gambling location in the Asia-pacific region. This is just closely behind the largest, which is the Philippines.

The warning of the damage that online gambling could cause to the country was first declared by the Finance Minister. Since then, more pro-active engagement by the government began taking place. Until finally, the ultimate decision of banning online gambling altogether came to fruition. The future only knows what the results will be afterwards.

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