Cambodia Shuts Down 91 Online Casinos Due to New Gambling Ban

12 Jan 2020

Government of Cambodia has just announced the closure of up to 91 online gambling companies across the country. The Cambodian Ministry of Finance were behind these closures after the release of a new ban admitted by the end of 2019. The Cambodia Prime Minister, Hun Sen, was the one who issued the official statement laying out the plan to shut down all online gambling and arcade gambling by the end of the year.

The moment the new year started, on January 1st, an official investigation was conducted to inspect all of the operable casinos within the country. Many of these casinos can be found within the Preah Sihanouk province. As of now, no immediate violations or illegal operations were found in this area.

The Deputy-General of the finance department, Ros Phearun, left the comment post-investigation, saying “After ceasing online gambling, some casinos are still operating one or two months to see if they can make earnings.”

This implies that even after the ban, there may still be other casinos that will be continuing operations to see if they can still make a profit before they risk closure.

Phearun is said to be expecting the shutdown of many more casinos in the future. As of now, there are still a total of 118 fully licensed casinos still within the region. Despite the closure of many casinos already, the Ministry of Finance remains confident that this will not reduce of greatly impact the amount of income received from these gambling operations.

After the closure of such casinos, it is reported that up to 7,700 people are now left unemployed. Fortunately, the Provincial Hall spokesman of Preah Sihanouk, Kheang Phearom, has assured these workers will be receiving their last salaries and benefits before they officially leave the businesses.

Further investigations will be continued to assure that the new legislations are being followed and that no remaining casinos will continue to operate.

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