Casino Operator Bet365 Leaves Online Casino Industry in Germany

27 Dec 2019
badge Bet365 Leaves Online Gambling Industry in Germany

Bet365 is a popular casino based in the UK. One of the most well-known casinos with great strides in establishing a more global connection. However, this connection has unfortunately fallen short with the recent news update. The company’s online casino operations in Germany will be closed down. After December 30th, any online casino products will no longer be offered under the brand itself and any of their connected partners. This also includes advertisements that have been released and those in the progress of being built.

The main reason why Germany has been closed off in online gambling is due to the recent changes that have been made recently with their gambling regulations. Germany has been making preparations on an entirely updated system that will help them bring in more revenue with the operations already in place. This includes future online casinos that wish to operate there as well. If casinos wish to continue their operations now, they must re-apply for a new casino license and sports betting license from the authority in charge.

This new regulatory change only came after the debates were held for years in discussion. The implementation of this new system had already failed twice in its endeavors. The proposal was finally put forward after a total of 16 German stats approved of the new treaty. The new regime will be commencing its operations from the beginning of 2020 to the middle of the year 2021. Once regiments have completed their tasks, the country will be exhibiting an entirely overhauled system with new gambling regulations exclusive to Germany.

The new regulations must be re-evaluated by Bet365 so that they may learn if Germany still proposes as a suitable target market for them.

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