Investigation Into Novomatic UK $120m Deal Issued By The CMA

30 Jul 2019

Inspired Entertainment has just issued an acquisition of assets from Novomatic UK, equal to $120 million. This claim is now going to be under investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority.

This department, which is a non-ministerial government branch, is to go over this deal until the date of September 20th. Only from this investigation will a decision be made to look into the matter further. This will require comment by both companies involved in the deal. They have until August 8th to respond.

The point of the investigation is to determine whether or not this claim will create an opportunity for a merger. This will be explained in further detail thanks to the Enterprise Act 2002. The CMA aims to discover if the result of this possible merger could lessen the competition with the casinos in the UK target market.

The CMA itself issued a following statement regarding the case. “The initial period defined in section 34ZA(3) of the Act in relation to the Merger will therefore commence on the first working day after the date of this notice, ie on 26 July 2019”.

Section 96(2A) to notify both parties of how this investigation will proceed. If they meet the requirements that are stated in section 96(2) of the Act, further investigation will proceed to grant the results that are desired.

Executive Chairman of Inspired Entertainment, Lorne Weil, discusses how beneficial this merger will be and expects high results for this from the investigation by the CMA. Just after the issue of the Act, she says that the merger will dramatically increase the size of all aspects from its fields. By providing leverage for a lot of its aspects, this will help increase the existing growth for its own enterprise and the beneficial effects it will attain thanks to the potential merger.

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