Denmark Gambling Reaches New Sales, Estimated The Highest Within The First Quarter Of The Year 2019

8 Jul 2019


According to official findings found within the first few months of 2019, it is reported that Denmark’s new online gambling revenue has reached new heights across a consistent year-by-year basis. The estimated Denmark Gambling increase has reached an impressive 4.5%. The research was concluded after looking into the recent trajectories of sports betting and other casino establishments in the real world.

To calculate the true amount of money that has been earned, research has shown that an incredible increase of up to 1.6 billion DKK has been collected. This converts to roughly $239 million or €214 million. Before this rise in online casinos and even physical ones, the main source of gambling income came from the popular lottery. However, for the first time in the history of Denmark, this increase is all primarily due to all aspects and fields of casino gambling within the country, from the slot machines to the bets on horses.

Sports betting was, in fact, the most popular category and the largest reason for the revenue increase. Its sales alone grew up to 10.3% since the rise started in 2018. Mobile betting was perhaps an even bigger contributor when it comes to the ways of sports betting. This feature grew up to 51.3%. This can be due to the huge improvements found within the later half of last year in Denmark Gambling.

Online casinos gained their popularity fairly quickly, with sales increasing up to 6.5% almost every year since its introduction. While browser gaming is still more popular than mobile, the profits are expected to increase thanks to consistent new developments.

In the case of other news, the research gathered showed that 18,100 players were registered within the year of 2019 for a self-exclusion scheme.

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