Denver Housed NCPG Conference For Addiction And Responsible Gambling

22 Jul 2019

One of the top organizations that strive for health excellence when it comes to gambling-related disorders is the National Council on Problem Gambling, also known as NCPG. Now, the organization set up the 33rd conference in order to help combat against problems like gambling addiction. The event took place in Denver, one of the home bases for the NCPG.

Executive Director for the NCPG, Keith Whyte, issued a statement before the event. He said: “The NCPG National Conference on Gambling Addiction & Responsible Gambling serves as a hub, bringing together stakeholders & leaders to educate, innovate, and engage”. The leaders are absolutely thrilled that they will be able to showcase their new research and methods to deal with these rising issues. There is even talk about merging with another health organization. The event was co-hosted by NCPG and the PGCC, which is known as the Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado.

The conference is the go-to area for people to find information and data on these serious health problems. They plan not only to educate the people on these matters but also plan to show methods in which to engage or help minimize the problems where they arise. Over 150 attendees visited at the event, each with specializations in multiple areas, covering almost all fields on the issue.

Last week, in preparation for the event, the bipartisan Gambling Addiction Prevention Act 2019 was instigated. This new act initiates the demands for more programs to take greater steps towards gambling-related treatments. Another factor responsible for this act is the Department of Defence, which further plans to work with these health organizations to reduce the risk of gambling disorders and hopefully, work towards treatment for those who suffer from them.

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