Divine Showdown Reveals Big Prizes in New God-like Tournament

badge Divine Showdown Slot is released by Play N Go

A new slot game has just been released into the market by Play’n GO, one of the generation’s best software developers. Divine Showdown promises to bring new ideas and incredible features into the mix whilst showcasing the intense battles between the mighty pantheons. Many mythologies are thrown into the mix, from the God of Thunder, Thor, in Norse Mythos to the adventurous trickster god, Sun Wukong, from the Chinese anthology.

Other characters are also featured in the Divine Showdown game to represent the other famous pantheons from Greece and Egypt. Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead and Athena, goddess of wisdom and war. Almost all the winning combinations from this game come from one of the four main gods that are battling it out in the arena. The bonuses come from selecting one of these gods as your primary combatant and using them to give yourself more chances of winning. Take note that this god will be battling with the other three contestants, meaning they must win for you to secure those illustrious bonuses.

What makes this game interesting is the fact that it actually blends many different mythologies and locations together into one package. While most other slot games choose either an Egyptian or Norse theme, this game combines four in one. Play’n GO has become popular with providing games that delve into these similar themes, meaning that it will be quite the hit with their already increasing target audience.

The CEO of Play’n GO, Johan Törnqvist, talked about the ideas that had gone into this game and how it blended together to make their content so special.

He said: “We wanted an imaginative concept for this game and, with the scope each mythology brings to the title, it brings a new perspective on a popular genre and adds a great deal of excitement to the gameplay”.

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