EGT Interactive Sweeps SEG Awards

EGT Interactive has managed to pull off an amazing accomplishment for the future of its company. Last Friday, they secured a number one prize at the SEG Awards for their new products and innovative technology.

The Southern European Gaming Awards (SEG Awards) is held every year at the European Gaming Congress. The purpose of these awards is to showcase the new and exciting developments, the varying assets of the gambling industry that have worked towards for the last annual timeframe. This applies to both B2C operators and B2B operators, respectively. The key factors that are focused on are social responsibility, future thinking and overall development from where they started to where they are at now.

For EGT Interactive, receiving the 1st place in a category is something worth celebrating. The category they won in was named, Rising Star in Casino Online Technology. This recognition is for the fantastic efforts they have placed into the creative projects that have brought countless fruition for their target markets. With over 1,000 employees working for EGT, it is no wonder that so much bright innovation has been placed into the many slot games and casino services they have worked on over the past few years.

A comment was made by a member of the EGT staff during the SEG award ceremony. Polina Nedyalkova, who works as the Business Development Manager at EGT, issued the following statement after the results: “Well, we are not rising, but we are definitely stars in our business solutions that we provide. And we prove it every day, with every slot, reel, bonus and all the details within our games that are quite familiar to the players worldwide”.

They proceed to being incredibly thankful for the recognition and admiration received for their services. Going far as to say, this can only mean bright things for their future.

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