Elk Studios Is About To Get Spooky With Voodoo Gold

9 Oct 2019

Set in the mythical swamps of Louisiana, it is time to get in touch with the magical spirits through the power of the Voodoo Gold. The main character Kane has finally made it to the bayou of old and sets forth to prove if the rumors are true. Players will be working with Kane to gain entry to the forgotten realm and claim the treasures before the magic becomes too dangerous.

Being a mobile-oriented slot game, players will be able to enjoy the hexing wonders of Voodoo Gold from anywhere at any time featuring three incredible gameplay features that are sure to blow your mind. There is the Bomb, the Dual Bomb and the big voodoo signs that cast a spell to get the little extra goodies.

In this specialized slot game, there are 8 reels to spin on and up to 243 paylines to land symbols on. Players should always keep an eye out for the bombs, as they yield the standard bonus prizes. When bombs are landed, they can trigger an avalanche effect that can send symbols tumbling down. This can allow more winning combinations to be landed by giving the reels an extra little push. The Dual Bomb triggers when you land two bombs together, allowing more symbols to start toppling and more chances to win big.

The big voodoo dolls can also explode when landing, but they can cause more prize-winning symbols to appear more regularly. Using their ancient magic, they can reveal the real treasures that are just waiting to be plucked from the swamp. All you must do is dare to conjure these forbidden spells lest you face the consequences of the dark forces.

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