Estonia Loses More Gambling Participation Due to Problem Gambling Rise

22 Dec 2019

The participation rate for gambling in Estonia has met an unfortunate plummet. Over the past two years, fewer players have been willing to take part in gambling services across the country. Research shows that the issue is due to an increase in problem gambling incidents which has remained constant during this time frame. According to the Ministry of Finance for Estonia, the decrease in players has been from ages 15-74 after a study in over 3,000 participants. This has occurred in almost all forms of gambling, including both online and offline services.

Furthermore, in the study, it showed that a staggering 50% of the participants had gambled in the past two years, which is 16% lower than the study committed in 2017. Offline gambling had a reduced participation rate to 41% after the 58% rate in the similar time frame. These numbers show worrying results after gambling in Estonia was first established back in 2010. In only seven short years has this type of service began to decline.

After research into varying factors such as age or gender, reports suggest that the biggest difference is between the wealth of the players. Small income participants in the study showed the lowest rate of decline in gambling. In contrast, the higher paying participants showed the highest rate. This led to further investigation into the problem that perhaps those with existing or developing gambling-related disorders are to blame.

The report pegged 13% of participants in the study to belong to a support group for those who are suffering from gambling addiction. In other words, these are people who have suffered gambling too much. Other players in the report are said to shows signs of problem gambling symptoms.

For the coming year, to tackle this issue, Estonia will be donating 1% of its gambling tax revenue towards future support groups that can help provide more services for gambling addicts or others like them.

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