Newly Selected British Minister of Sports to Examine Gambling Sector

20 Feb 2020

As part of the new UK Government being reshuffled, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has hired Nigel Huddleston for the position of Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Sport, Tourism and Heritage.

One of the most important duties to come from this new job will be the supervising of the 2022 Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham. His voice will also be crucial in reviewing the current gambling sector, which will be re-initiated by the government. There is a current proposal that gambling and betting companies could be possibly used as sponsors for local football clubs, advertised on their shirts. This will be reviewed as well by the new minister.

This will be the fourth time in a row that a new minister has been selected to discuss these proposals. Despite the complications with the position, the matters brought up must be discussed with no less importance as they had before. Huddleston has already expressed his concerns over the subject matter, even looking towards solutions for rising problem gambling within the country. One of his proposed ideas was to suggest collaborations between regulatory bodies or banking services to help reduce gambling addiction rates.

Ministers will be reviewing the Gambling Act of 2005 in order to see if a partnership with sports sponsors could be possible for the near future. It is already close to being done, with half of the English Premier League football clubs having betting operators as shirt sponsors. This is what led to Sky Bet Championship.

Mr Huddleston will be stepping to the challenge due to the large amount of criticism that the gambling sector is taking. Only time will tell if Huddleston will step up to the obstacles ahead and work towards new partnerships with selected brands.

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