Facial Recognition Software Is Now Only Permitted For Security, Says The Macau Gambling Regulator

8 Jul 2019


AI-based facial recognition software at a casino is only going to be used for security measures and no other online gambling service. This was stated by the DICJ (Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau) from the region of Macau.

Bloomberg reported that many casinos in China are making use of such technology as we speak. The method behind this usage is so they can figure out the behaviour of their players for marketing strategies. For example, if they notice a player makes a face just before they are about to make a big bet, it can allow them to know when and how this customer will be more willing to take stronger risks when gaming. Profiling these customers can provide more insight into the mind of a gambler for further research developments.

It has also been revealed that the casinos in Macau are also guilty of using things such as CCTV and specially crafted casino tables in order to gather more intimate information on its customers.

The feedback from these findings has been met with constant disapproval, questioning the ethics of such tactics and wondering if this breaks the rules of privacy. The negativity that followed the casinos has now caught the attention of the DICJ, forcing their hand in developing a countermeasure. They issued a statement saying that although Macau does permit the use of this technology, it is only allowed in the security departments to protect player’s financial information. Anyone caught using this for any other purposes will be caught and punished in an expected manner.

The privacy protection laws of the country will be the main code of conduct to follow should any of these expectations be missed or unfollowed. This includes exactly how the facial recognition software should be used by the security branches themselves.

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