France To Introduce New Gambling Authority

9 Oct 2019

A new gambling authority is taking place in France after the recent report sales committed by the lottery monopoly from the La Française des Jeux, also known as the FDJ. The name of the new gambling regulatory body will be known as the L’autorité nationale des jeux, also known as the ANJ. This will be replacing the current gambling body used to oversee the online gambling industry within France, l’autorité nationale de régulation des jeux en ligne (ARJEL).

Previously, the ARJEL ran many of the activities that were held within the online gambling industry in France. There used to be separate branches that handled varying field of this industry, such as the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Economy and Finance that provided licenses, controlled the RNG, regulated horse races and other related matters.

In replacement, the ANJ will work as a single unit to organize all these fields, providing new regulations that all elements of the business will abide by according to the law of France.

The Council of Ministers for the country reported on the matter: “It will see its powers of supervision strengthened: the authority will indeed be able to prescribe to an operator the withdrawal of any commercial communication inciting to play excessively”.

New powers will be given to the ANJ in order for the regulations to be enforced rapidly and the new plans to be made with little hesitation.

The Council of State, however, remains firm in holding the supervising power of this new body. If the new plan experiences any drawbacks, they can discuss appropriate methods on how to move forward. The FDJ shares will be sold to private investors, but the Council will still hold some authority over the business, even having the power to block it entirely.

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