United Kingdom Gambling Commission Advises Safe Online Gambling

31 Mar 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are many people who will now be staying indoors to avoid risking contamination and spread. The UK has been placed under lockdown, officially by the government and Prime Minister. Because of this, there are many gamblers who may be playing far more than usual in order to pass the time more in isolation. The UK Gambling Commission has taken it upon itself to offer more guidelines and advises to licensed gambling companies under their supervision.

In this slightly more chaotic time, it is important for the Gambling Commission to work harder than ever to reduce the risk of gambling-related problems. It is encouraged by the UKGC to implore that all gamblers and licensed gambling companies to read through these recent changes so that they can prepare themselves better against the significant spikes in gaming. So that they don’t fall prey to gambling addiction during the time of self-isolation.

Here are a few examples of some changes that have been made to the guidelines.

Online gambling sites have a built-in limiter so that players can prevent themselves from spending more money than necessary. It is a useful way for a consumer to limit the money they spend and manage how much they wish to bet by keeping it separate from their main bank accounts.

Twitter and UKGC have partnered together to create guidance tweets on how to avoid gambling-related advertisements. New safety tools and settings can be adjusted for the player’s personal experience.

You can now ask a gambling site to self-exclude you from your own account, if they believe you are spending too much. This can help create a safety net for players so that they are forced to stop either way. A system like this was created by GAMSTOP in April, 2018.

You can view more of these changes in greater detail by visiting the official Gambling Commission website.

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