Gambling Commission Places Limits on Gambler’s Media Posts on Twitter

31 Jan 2020
badge Gambling Commission Limits on Gambling Posts on Twitter

The UK Gambling Commission has formed an official partnership with Twitter in order to support and offer guidance towards users who wish to avoid gambling-related content on their pages. This will reduce the amount of posts they see on other user’s feeds that relate to gambling.

The guidance will be pointing directly towards the many tools and settings that Twitter allows access to its users to help with this problem. An individual’s account can be adjusted accordingly so that they can control what content they wish to see and how much they don’t want to see, if none at all. This will all be in the hopes of minimizing the exposure to gambling advertisements and messages so they cannot unethically influence any potential candidates.

Twitter will be the first to seek help from the Gambling Commission in order to control this content being shared. Plans for other social media platforms are also being advised for and being given similar guidelines. A few of the guidelines are as followed:

  • Manage the ‘interests’ within a profile by composing different keywords to your activity.
  • Turn off notifications for certain users that relate to the content.
  • Use the mute feature to disable any accounts that wish to message you about this content.

The Commission Chief Executive, Neil McArthur, expressed last October his concerns for the exposure of gambling activity towards children.

“This level of exposure is a concern and I have challenged the industry to quickly accelerate opportunities to reduce the amount of advertising seen by young people, children and vulnerable adults across all digital platforms,” Mr. McArthur said.

The UK Public Policy of Twitter has received the news of this and is full agreement with improving the health of their users by offering the full layout of their tools and settings. These detailed explanations will benefit the Commission when it comes to offering the correct procedures.

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