Gambling Commission Attempts To Understand More On Why People Gamble

29 Jul 2019

Due to the recent finding that points to more risks in gambling-related disorders, the Gambling Commission has decided to focus into multiple areas that work towards minimizing these risks. The first being the understanding of why people decide to gamble in the first place.

The company 2CV is a research branch that is working closely with the Gambling Commission to commit to research in this field, looking into how gambling becomes an option for people to begin with and how their behavior evolves when in the middle of gambling.

The primary research method that is being used is typologies. Typologies tend to focus more on the causes rather symptoms. In other words, it allows them to see just what triggers a person to start gambling and then later commit to it.

There are several factors that have already been investigated which become leading causes of gambling. Some people just wish to try something different. Others look for the thrill of it and have money they can happily spend. Some people use it to become more sociable and gain new friends in a larger community. Others enjoy the intellectual challenge.

However, it can’t only be just one of them. Sometimes missions can change or evolve depending on the individual. While at first, it may just be for the thrill of it, they may realize that there could be more fun to gambling then just winning. Therefore, they seek an intellectual challenge. It can even change into multiple factors more than once. First comes enjoying the game, then comes making friends, then getting better at playing. After that, it is about bragging how good you are. Typologies all point towards the multiple needs a human has in growing as a person. Gambling can bring all of these needs at once, making it an alluring option for those that wish to seek fulfilment.

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